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  1. Chuck T. Bone rework Character model larger. Alt skin with a fancy hat maybe?! HP - unchanged cept CD reduced too 1 sec. (already has a resource) Stats more STR less INT base and growth! More beef less grief! [Q] - Brownstone Fissure "TBone creates a wall of Portable Outhouses 14 units towards a target location, lasting 11 seconds, and dealing Spell Damage to nearby enemies. [if TBone is fully charged] TBone's wall splits in 2 directions, 9 units long, at an angle based on the target point. Also applies stacks of Echo if in between walls." S
  2. O my sweet baby Jesus how is this the first time I've read this. I was this years old I found this. But damn this is a gem.
  3. I would like to add a view point from the back of the bus community in AoS pertaining to the new season. The no ELO for mix lobby games I feel (and I've spoken to some other players that share this sentiment) is a questionable move for the health of the community. Particularly newer players and even some of the mid pack players. The reason being, the lower level captain draft games depended on some elites/mods coming down from Mount ELOlmypus and mixing with us lowly mortals, while still counting for some ELO. This was a two-fold benefit, 1. some of the less skilled players got to pl
  4. I agree with the changes for the most part, but I think ancient rune change, plus the greelus changes might of been some over-nerfing. But time will tell. Let's talk about the real problem. BUFF COW! He's so bad now, can only be played support, damage is so low as a mage, and theres no reason to pick him as support cause there is dozen other supports that way more damage.
  5. Best Justi build? I got you. Might Fury Fitness Integrity Prodigy Swiftness Eternal Drive > Atom Smasher > Darksteel > Sliptide Scythe > Lifetech Nano Suit > Situational item. (Cerebro for full DPS mode or Barbed, Chilling, etc) You are welcome.
  6. I totally agree with tank imbalance with new items. I was just in a game and got creamed by micro, I was playing shadow and not even 1v1 could i even dent him and i rushed pyre and shard, and even had shinobi and sabre for good weapon dmg too help shard. nothing. And honeslty, tanks don't need DPS, its not the DPS that kills you its the crazy CC that most tanks have and the fact that as soon as you engage they're either porting away or tossing you into there team. Tanks OP, end of story. Truth be told there wasn't much balance in this game to begin with, but with every new update bri
  7. Tass needed this nerf, cause AA carry as he's being called on this thread (LOL), is silly. Tass AA is not the problem, the problem is tank Tass, who was, hands down, (for those that know the power of the tank Tasshole build!) the most OP tank in the game, bar none.
  8. Don't think this is really a balance issue, but I couldn't figure out where too post this, so it's goin here! Why does SS stop all damage from omni slash in a boros vs boros situation? Tooltip states Omni is physical damage yet SS stops all dmg from it, why? Yeah I know I typo Storm in title and tag! Don't flame me bra!
  9. MajorG


    Hi, I'm NinjaStar! I play mostly Boros, Justicar, Raynor and T-bone, but tinker with all toons. Don't mind me if I rage in a game your in, I tend too do this sometimes. I use competetive games as an anger outlet, in RL I'm super relaxed! So sorry in advance if i mean mug you for killing me! Been trying too rage less. XD Hope too see you in a pub! Going too try and check out the IH and Tourney community sometime soon!
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