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  1. I think you can turn this concept around into a carry that can steal stats and resources from teammates and enemies alike.
  2. Hey, if you need help with organization, I can help you set up, there're definitely better tools for tournaments now, so it would be a good opportunity to try for one this year.
  3. Model : Colossus - Sc2 animation, damage is instant on attack animation Agi/Range AA Heroic Passive: Koloss' auto attacks have true strike and cannot be dodged, when a target is hit by an attack or skill, they gain a mark of solar burn, at 4 marks, they are blinded for one second and healing is reduced by 50% for 5s. Koloss' Q launches 4 lasers that intersect on a single point designated by the player, applying 1 stack of solar burn per laser (blue dot), as shown in the masterpiece below. W grants 20/25/30/35 Move speed for 2,3,4,5 s, cannot be slowed while it i
  4. Was probably a tyrant lobby
  5. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/666462646 Here's a shadow game, I might stream some more
  6. If you want to structure inhouses, the best course of actions is through discord, otherwise you will spend too much time trying to organize to no end. Ideally get everyone in a channel even if they have no microphone, it will speed up the process.
  7. Don't feed teh boh rohs lololoLOLOloLOlOLl
  8. This is the logo for the team fairly balanced; don't hate. http://balancewines.files.wordpress.com/2009/12/elephant-balance1.jpg
  9. My updated team is -Adversary -Red -Rakura -Usopp -Alice
  10. Yes,I have asked all of these players individually and they have accepted, I have not stolen anyone; btw these so called steals come from the fact that they were signed up mostly without being asked.
  11. I have gathered my team, here it is: Team failrly balanced -Alice -David Chan -Rakura -Red Hydra -Adamantium -Takeitezbro
  12. I'll create a new team since pubstars seem to be herp derping I should be able to group up some peeps in a daily matter.
  13. Sign me up for team pubstars as sub/player pls. Alice, Na, Mic/Mumble.
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