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  1. I have updated the data in the link
  2. There are (trust me we have discussed all this with Justice), if you look on the Team creator tab to the right of it there is a Player list that lists their ELO rank. This ordering is based on the "True ELO" which has no added bonuses. It is hard to show just now since Justice has reset things for season 2 but the best example is Megastar you can see on this list he was Rank number 5 which is purely based on him winning and losing games so when you use the Team creator it is unaffected by any "bonus" ELO However, on the Leaderboard he wasn't within the top 5 at the end of season 1 du
  3. @SayMyName I think you are slightly misunderstanding. There are 2 Seperate (but related ELOs) 1. The True ELO determines selection within the Team Creator. 2. The "Vanity" Elo determines where you finish on the leader board and only impacts end of season rewards. These are affected by bonus ELO for playing during the events on Sat and Sunday. And penalties for rage quitting etc.
  4. I am annoyed with people banging on about the stats being good on Tetra. They are BAD I agree with revision that the combination with highly mobile ranged DPS is annoying but as mother alluded to this will be fixed by more items/heroes that pierce spell immunity. For reference in dota: https://dota2.gamepedia.com/Spell_immunity/Enemy_Interactions Several of these are AoE or single target stuns. With the changes at the moment nerfing dps heroes I think it would be really bad to remove Tetra purely because at the moment people are drafting heavy spell damage wombo combo
  5. Truly gutted to hear this. RIP bro thanks for all the good times.
  6. Awesome, I can abuse my in game and discord admin powers to my advantage
  7. Yaldi

    Viron Q

    Another note, special shout out to FFSM deliberately picking Viron vs me after I posted this, Viron Q plus nitro is basically death by true damage farts. Also you didn't respond to point 1 mother: "1. It's single purpose is to punish players for having good positioning. Even if you are still you slide randomly..."
  8. Yaldi

    Viron Q

    Foreword: I may be a bit salty but this has been bugging me for quite a while. The Issue: Viron Q is the single most frustrating ability in the game for the following reasons 1. It's single purpose is to punish players for having good positioning. Even if you are still you slide randomly... 2. You cannot counter it aside from buying tetra (this is impossible on most heroes in most games before it makes you want to punch yourself in the face) 3. It requires 0 skill. 4. It flobs up your own team 5. It makes his True damage abilities do an absurd amount of
  9. I think Immortal also has the innate strength of being very flexible with how you lane him. You can first pick him and he can: 1. Play Mid 2. Play Support 3. Farm Hard Lane 4. Solo Lane - (enabling a jungler) I think the damage from the shield should be removed/replaced maybe make it a slow or something?
  10. Yaldi


    Hmmm... Item Item Efficiency (Mins) Item Efficiency (%) Argus Crystal 4274 83.80% Probably the issue? I think it terms of design it is ok to have a hero who is essentially designed for highground defence. He doesn't gank well in the laning stage and he isn't oppressive until he has level 16. I think picking a super mobile mid laner vs him is the way to go and allows you to snowball before he gets level 16.
  11. Basically what mother said. It's stats are roughly comparable in efficiency to Korhal and Spell Buffer but the actives and passives of both these items both benefit the team a lot more and are more impactful on the game. Item Item Efficiency (Mins) Item Efficiency (%) Korhal Vanguard 492 15.86% Spell Buffer 525 16.41% Omniscience 500 18.52% Prophecy Stone 275 25.00% Kassia Crystal 972
  12. If I was to make a list: 1. Super Heated Mantle - Especially on players returning to the game. This item is dogshap tier don't buy it. 2. Omniscience - Just buy a better tank item (like life tech) and buy wards you lazy bastard. Only space I see for this item is mega late game when you are 6 slotted as a support... 3. Scavengers Veil - Just stop buying it unless you are actually warding
  13. Introduction As I am sure you might know I have been pulling together information on the stats of each item to try and see what items are good and which items are bad and here are the results! Methodology My Methodology has been quite straight forward I have taken each of the Stats items (e.g for Str Metabolic Booster, Cybernetic Implants, Flesh Hammer) from which I plotted a graph and used this to fit a curve. This allows a good approximation of how much each stat costs and also takes into account the fact that as the STR of an item increases each additional point of STR actual
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