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    Adam I come back for 1 game and ur not even there... so bm
  2. When I played, medic was int/aa, didnt know it changed so much
  3. Good job aiur! I like your decision to make inhouses.
  4. Ah Lucifer and Pakinos brings back memories :D Something like that yep
  5. I can confirm fell is a psychopath.
  6. Well I'm not sure how accurate is the statement that game has more players than 6 months ago since EU died and all players went to NA, but maybe I'm wrong. I don't agree at all with OP that map is a problem (if we are talking about more lag then yes, but nothing else). Reason for me leaving is cuz of 2 things. 1) All ppl I liked to play with left. Now I won't guess why they all left but I know some of them left cuz of bad changes. 2) Absolutely terrible hero balance/reworks. From what I've seen about 90% of the changes make no sense at all and seems like game is being bala


    Isn't that description supposed to go to Fighter?
  8. Nah can't be bothered to make new acc again
  9. No point teaching you fell just look how much you feed in lol :/
  10. You shouldn't be complaning deathbringer, if summers and stukov became supports all heroes could.
  11. I played live version If anything maar had too strong waveclear, nothing else. Also wtf is that rory nerf, his early game molo was so weak anyway, if anything his E should be buffed, its one of, if not hardest skillshots in the game. I can then agree to ult nerf.
  12. Played 3 games today, can't comment too much but it seems lot of ppl lag hard late game... New map looks good. As I saw bunch of questionable balance changes, but didn't test them all, can just say I hate summers now. He is still strong, but only legit build is AA, and his new E is useless atm. I just don't see how this fits him at all tbh... Maar has too long cooldowns now. Why not simply add boots to the game instead of trying to balance out mov speed?
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