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  1. Of course man. Everything you said. Even when writing previous post i already thought everything about what you said here and how system just truly makes those on top to stay on top. If you look at it and get it deep and as a whole. It looks cool and promising, like bonus elo points, so weaker players have illusion that they can compete and it benefits them, when in reality it works in the opposite direction. Elite players have way more games organized, so easier inflation means staying on top more. Thats why i made comparision to politics, promises and bribes. Every next thing introduced is t
  2. Do you calculated also how much points less he lost? All i know that previous season from rank 6-12 i dropped to below rank or something around 44 when stopped playing (after point changes, also thx afk penalty points for not playing longer period). Thats what happened. Not even mentioning how overall points in the league skyrocketed to like 2k. So like your theory ends here. Its so easy to earn points. Infalation is real. From what you wrote you can earn around 30 points (+10 for a game) and lose 10 (-10 points). If you want you just play on weekends and you need to be basically abov
  3. ???? What i dont understand. There are no 2 seperate elo's. Where do you see that? The entire thing is called "AoS Elo League Season 2" which is misleading. It should not be simply called elo. I agree it is some sort of a league and it should be called something like a league, but not as an elo system. It is as simple as that. That entire thing feels for me almost like giving away money in politics election to bribe people even if it fks everything and is extremly bad in long term for everybody, but whatever. I mean why not then like +100 points for each winning match and 0 for
  4. Honestly i hate all the most important changes to the elo system. Last time it completly made me lost motivation for it and i just stopped playing inhouses (in a true competetive way). What i mean is, that the system just favorites the players who have the most time and play the most, it is not true elo/mmr system that shows actually how good a certain player is, team or whatever. I will be really harsh, but for me its an abomination at this point. Calling it an elo system, which is just a lie. To represent that: Ranked Players that have not played any Elo ranked games for more tha
  5. I Luled to the response shortly because right now as it is now in terms how game is designed, balanced, tetra is absolutly mandatory item in the game. Like mother mentioned in dota there is equivalent of the item, called bkb. And many times you try to kite it out. BKB timings are essential to the game and lineups very often. Thing is (i mentioned it couple of times, but people dont understand , negate or dont wanna acknowledge) if you compare dota to aos - dota has way more stuns (lets say in avg 2-2,5sec, you can get even permastunned almost - depends on heroes obviously), most of t
  6. i just readed hero tooltip, and ROFL, thats some mega top broken tier, just wow. His hp is already like almost entire skillset. Debuff immunity (mega LOL)+ mini Heart of tarrasque even while taking dmg + dmg reduction + dmg amp + free sanctum whenever he wants. And top of that Global TP anywhere on map (with a nuke on top). Just astonishing. Also immune to mana leeching 🙂I dont even need to read the skills, would permaban hero forever Kek. 😛
  7. This tier list for me is absolutly hilarious. I dont recall anywhere else tier list just being S, A, B. Its almost always S+,S,A,B etc F. And it would still fit aos. There are clearly heroes outright stronger then rest, when meanwhile list suggest 30 heroes are basically equal. Rory as strong as dehaka or immortal. Looks like not enough data putted.
  8. being honest i feel its quite common (from pub matches perspective). And its not good for the community. I understand it from the otherside of view also. People want to play with friends. But then because they stack almost all the time there is no challage so title is like "pro only" and new players kicked. It doesnt help grow community at all. I understand you can kick people in ihouse. Somebody waited. Teams are made already. Or you wanna make this ihouse on higher lvl. Not a ih for fun or to teach. (Cause ih mostly is made with a some kind of purpose, like those 3 i mentioned). Bu
  9. Hello guys and girls, im just currious - how long it takes nowdays to setup an ih and start it? Esp when lobby is made up. I remember when it used to go over 1hour, did anything changed?
  10. ? You dont know broodwar bra? or is it your reaction to him playing random? i know i know, mine was the same, he is crazy
  11. So... is Flash, the God of starcraft, best programer of all time gonna win current asl 10 with random? What ya think guys and ladies? I dont remember when i was hyped but now for sure i am 🙂
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