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  1. I'm not really gonna moderate this since I'm so un-involved, but personal attacks are not acceptable and only actively subtract from your posts, Drex. Also I added HYLY. Should have time this weekend or something. what time do you guys normally ih?
  2. well i guess that warning is at least technically true
  3. I might be convinced to try playing hots for an inhouse or two. unforunately that game makes me fall asleep
  4. wait, was that a bug i made.
  5. peas u were never good at this game. when are u getting ur gun license to protect from school shootings?
  6. i don't think i do. i can easily see numerous problems just by playing it once or twice... keep in mind i have around 7 years of moba development under my belt now (2 balancing Sotis, 1 making RoA, 1 working on AoS, and 2.5 on LoL). theres not really anything going on here that I haven't seen before
  7. I'm not sure why you would think i wouldn't be able to judge gameplay holistically
  8. i definitely didn't have fun lol
  9. played a few games with aellectris and ecko this weekend. game seems significantly degraded. :( beautiful to look at though!
  10. no they started making a bunch of silly names for some of the older players. I thought it was cute. mother: When designing game mechanics, consider the experience on a whole, and why exactly you think the mechanic is valuable. In this case, the mechanic asks the player to avoid interacting with the enemy (as pots are really only useful in lane, where enemies are clustered together (minions are near players) and can easily threaten it), and the mechanic itself lacks intrigue (don't stand within auto-attack range). Thus the two results of this mechanic are: the player does somet
  11. that has to be the worst designed thing i've ever seen on khyrak
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