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  1. @CounterLogic please create a post with your hero suggestion in it then link that here. Please do not post the actual hero suggestion in this thread. @HawKeYe We appreciate your enthusiasm, but per the contest guidelines please limit your submissions to two hero suggestions only.
  2. Name: Unstable.Krepitus Portrait: Kaboomer Unit Base: Kaboomer Type: Bruiser, Nuker Type: Str Script: Krepitus has only one goal in this life, and that is to die. Unfortunately for him, no matter how hard he tries, he always seems to come back. In his frustration he has decided that if he isnt dead yet, he might as well kill as many people as he can in the mean time. Starting Stats: Base Health – 30 Movement Speed – 3 Attack Range – Melee Attack Speed – 3 Base Damag
  3. You dont see two Elo's because I only ever show one because if you show two people get confused. For example, Spooky currently has a true Elo of 1514.08686, but this is not the number you would see on the leaderboard If he were on it (nobody is yet). The number you would see there would be... 1579.087 (Leaderboard Elo) = 1514.08686 (True Elo) + 10 (Elo game bonus [5 games with 2 pts each]) + 15 (Sunday game bonus [5 games with 3 pts each]) + 40 (badge bonus [Spooky currently holds 2 of the 6 badges for best win rate for a given role]) The Leaderboard Elo is used to determine your ran
  4. Good Day All, I am happy to announce that the AoS League Season 2 will start this coming Sunday 5/9/2021 and will go through 8/29/2021. Starting on 5/8/2021 and until after the end of the day on 8/29/2021, All eligible IH games played up until that point will count towards your seasonal ranking. For season 2, we will again be handing out special prizes to participants! All Players who make it onto the leaderboard (have played at least 10 games during the season) will receive a league badge and colored name based on their ending Rank Points. Top 3 Ranked Players: Grand Masters
  5. @RRR Based on the results of season 1, (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13k8Uv3etWcnaQaspIh-fCxYhnIsg_mIy6UbgogdMQH4/edit#gid=775961416) there were 50 people who played 10 or more games from January to the end of March. Some of those are more active than others, but it would probably be possible to get 5-6 teams.
  6. https://youtu.be/Q3LHsWioD5s - Alty and Major Replay Cast
  7. https://youtu.be/HY0qblY8n_w - Summers IH (Sterilizer)
  8. I dont think it makes the game not competitive, i think it makes the game less fun
  9. @MOTHER Of the items that you listed above Most casters can only utilize Bait and Waste (which doesnt really work if they are good) and silence (the only option you have is shrink ray and that item is too expensive and doesnt give enough to get early so they will have tetra well before you get shrink ray). The other options dont include things that a caster would have readily accessible in a normal game. Tetra just feels like it does too much. If they Item just gave debuff immunity for the same duration it would still be a strong item.
  10. https://youtu.be/4JmRVLWiR0k - Nova IH (Spooky)
  11. Good Day All, With the start of Season 1 underway, we have extended the season all the way through to 4/4/2021. All Elo IH games played up until that point will count towards your seasonal ranking. Additionally for our first season, we will be handing out special prizes to participants! Top 10 ranked Elo players will receive a title on Discord lasting until the end of the following season. Top 5 ranked Elo players will receive a special badge, colored name, and title in game and on Discord lasting until the end of the following season. The Top ranked Elo player will rece
  12. Name: Amon The Eternal Portrait: Amon Unit Base: Void Thrasher Type: Caster, Nuker, Bruiser Type: INT Script: Amon, otherwise known as the Dark Voice, the Fallen One, the Dark One, the Dark God, the Eternal One, the Master, and Truth-bringer, was a malevolent xel'naga connected to the Void. He sought to break the "corrupt" cycle of the xel'naga and bring all life to an end, before remaking it in his image. He has been described as "the universe's most ancient evil. Starting Stats: Base Hea
  13. https://youtu.be/var_p8UeKcA - Cyprus IH (John)
  14. https://youtu.be/rWRhf6ipdus AoS Ih Replay Cast with Justice, Mother, and Xacent
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