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  1. Name: Devourer.Moloch Type: - Support / Nuker / Disabler   Starting Stats: Starting Health – 640 Movement Speed – 2.9 Attack Range – 6.75 Attack Speed – 2.15 Starting Damage – 65 Base Armor.Resist – 18.4% Base Spell Armor/Resist – 18.4% Strength – 30 + [4] Agility – 21 + [3] Intelligence – 39` + [8]*** __________________________________________________ [Heroic] - [Eater of Dreams] Passive; 12u AoE Moloch delights in watching the hopes and dreams of his enemies turn to despondence! Whenever an Enemy
  2. Name: Executrix.Ji'nara Type: - Carry / Nuker   Starting Stats: Starting Health – 576 Movement Speed – 3.25 Attack Range – 6 Attack Speed – 1.85 Starting Damage – 56 Base Armor.Resist – 22.4% Base Spell Armor/Resist – 11.9% Strength – 22 + [5] Agility – 42 + [6]*** Intelligence – 26` + [4] __________________________________________________ [Heroic] - [Diabolic Ascension] Passive Whenever Ji'nara uses any of her Active Abilities, she gains stacking Armor Penetration and Spell Penetration for a Durat
  3. v3.41-50 (v3.41-50 EU / v3.41-50 KR) Game - Added Executrix.Jinara. (Updated v3.50) - Added Devourer.Moloch. (Updated v3.50) - Night time vision reduction decreased to -6 from -7. - The Starting Base Health and Energy (excludes Attributes) for all heroes has been readjusted for all heroes to be 400 and 200 respectively from previously ranging from 315-390 and 150-220. - Addressed various bugs. (v3.42-3.50) - Updated Help [F12]. (v3.43) Items Darksteel Titan - Parry 3 Unique now has a damage cap of 200 per proc. Darw
  4. v3.38 (v3.38 EU / v3.38 KR) Game - AoS Tournament Winners and Runner-ups granted their respective badges and titles. - Addressed various bugs. Items Eternal Drive - Movement Speed Buff/Debuff increased to 20% gained/lost for active duration. Flare Gun - Price increased to 1500 from 1000. - Cooldown reduced to 70 from 75. - Active energy cost increased to 125 from 50. Magus Cutlass - Wrath 1 unique reduced to 0.75 from 0.825 attack range bonus. - Decay 1 Unique Damage over time reduced to 10% INT pe
  5. he's just too damn op! ❤️
  6. v3.31-36 (v3.31-36 EU / v3.31-36 KR) Game - Updated Help section [F12]. (v3.35) - Addressed various bugs. (v3.32-36) Talents Haste - No longer disables Movement Speed Limit. (v3.35) Neutral Creeps Daggoth - Ancient Daggoth now has a 50% chance of dropping a Blue Gene Isolate (lasts 300s) upon death after 50 minutes. Sentinel’s Safeguard (T3 Neutral Pickup) - Dropped from the Prototype Enforcer after 50 minutes. - Spawns an Arch-Sentinel for the player for 5 minutes upon pickup. The Arch-Sentinel has 3000
  7. v3.25-30 (v3.25-30 EU / v3.25-30 KR) Game - Updated Hero Selection Screen ‘Bios’ for all heroes with new ‘Complexity’ and ‘Lore’. (Note: I would like to thank HarryHoot and Tynamo for their contributions to the lore for some of the heroes.) - Now Melee Heroes or Ranged Heroes with ranges below 4.5 can attack and destroy wards on ward spots from within 5u radius (requires 2 attacks/clicks). - Team Symbols/Decals that appeared with most abilities will now only appear in Free Pick game mode (Note: This is because there are no duplicate heroes in other game modes. Some it
  8. This is actually really really well made. 🙂
  9. AoS has ward spots scattered all over the map. Ward spots are elevated areas of the terrain that are pathable enough for ward placement (e.g. Sentry Wards and Truesight Wards). The elevated nature of Ward Spots means that they allow Sentry Wards to have unobstructed vision of the area. Additionally, Ward Spots further increase the vision range of Sentry Wards by 3u-radius, up to 19u-radius! What makes them even more ideal spots for warding is the fact that to deward them, you require: 1- High ground vision of the area. 2- True Sight (Note: Truesight Wards will reveal all e
  10. Hello everyone, With the release of the first patch of Summer, comes a new gameplay feature to Aeon of Storms that has been in development for many months. Masteries are here to help heroes change and adapt their skill builds to the needs of each battle. Each of AoS's heroes are receiving several linear upgrades unique to them that players can choose at levels 1, 5, 10, 15, and finally 20. With over 380 Masteries added, ranging from special bonuses to powerful augmentations to existing abilities, players will now have to consider more carefully the order of their skill builds in relation
  11. Abysmal.Ravager Mastery (Level 1) +5 Strength, Agility, and Intelligence. Mastery (Level 5) +0.75u AoE On Bile Storm [Q]. Mastery (Level 10) +10 Health and Energy Regeneration. Mastery (Level 15) Devil's Tongue [W] Stun Duration increased by 1s. Mastery (Level 20) Insufferable Presence [E] gives 2x Weapon Damage from Creep and Hero deaths. Alexei.Stukov Mastery (Level 1) +5 Strength, Agility, and Intelligence. Mastery (Level 5) +1u AoE on Searing Gestation [W]. Mastery (Level 10) Soulfire [Heroic] bonuses increased by 2.5%. Mastery (L
  12. v3.24 (v3.24 EU / v3.24 KR) General Game - Added Masteries into the game; Masteries are unique linear upgrades that replace the old generic hero stats (Y). They become available at levels 1, 5, 10, 15, and 20 for each hero and require a skill point to be upgraded. See details below. - Ban time increased to 60 seconds from 45 seconds. (Captains Pick). - Addressed various bugs Mechanics - XP bounty from hero kills changed to 25 + (60*Dying Hero's LVL) from 25 + (20*Dying Hero's LVL). - Hero XP ranges rescaled to 0/225/350/475/575/600/720/890/990/1090/1
  13. Not necessarily true. You can see the percentage of games players participated in, and higher participation does not mean higher rank on the leaderboard. Some of the top players did not participate as often as you may think, very little in fact, but when they did they played better than everyone else. Your standing in the leaderboard ultimately has to do with your win/loss ratio vs the win/loss ratio of others (but also not breaking the rules of the competition). Quality not quantity. Of course the more you play, the better your understanding of the game's present meta and the habits of
  14. Greetings everyone, After a much needed albeit short-lived hiatus from development, I'm happy to return and share with you some news you can look forward to over the coming months of summer. To kickstart the season, we'll be releasing an all-encompassing (re)balance and content update sometime this month. Beyond being just a refresher on aspects of the terrain, item builds, and game balance, this update focuses on bringing some of the classic AoS heroes in line with the modern era of the game, as well as introducing some new elements to the gameplay for everyone. Following this, and
  15. Discord is central to the community now, but I agree that a tournament announcement would have to be made here. We can also make it on Facebook where we still retain a large following. If you give it enough time between the announcement and the end of registration, something very real could form. Whatever the case Mr. Anonymous, I think a lot of players who remember you will be happy to see you return to the our humble inhouse circuit. 🙂
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