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  1. Name: Billy Miner Portrait: Miner Unit Base: Miner Type: Intelligence (Support, Disabler, Melee) Lore: „Billy is a miner from the dominion colony Mar Sara. He, as most of his friends, were forced to go into the mines to search one of the most precious stones in the universe – the Khala stones. The harsh environment for the workers exhausted most of them – 15 hours per day working (the day there is 27 hours), some of them even lost their lives there. As for Billy he was the most successful miner – despite he hasn't found the Stone, he found
  2. Name: Howard Duke Portrait: Edmund Duke (if possible, if not -> Shock Division) Unit Base: Shock Division Type: Strenght (Bruiser, Disabler, Pusher, Ranged) Lore: „Sergeant Howard Duke is the eldest son of General Edmund Duke. He was taught how to deal up with a tank and was „good ol'fashioned disciplined“ by his father. Howard was recruited by Mengsk and became a part of the most secret special forces of the Dominion. After his father's death Duke's son have sworn to revenge him and started hunting Kerrigan. Since then he became the mo
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