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  1. Name: Prodigiosus.Sdnn Model: Primal Guardian Role: Pusher and AoE-centric mage. Potentially spell-damage-effect-stacking support. Starting stats: Starting Health: 700 Starting Mana: 400 Movementspeed: 3 Attack Range: 4 Attack Speed: 1.8 Attack Damage: 55 Base Armour/Resist: 12 Base Spell Armour/Resist: 10 Strength: 38+6/lvl – Main Attribute Agility: 20+3/lvl. Intelligence: 32+5/lvl Heroic passive: Fodere Altum “After channeling for 1.5s, Sdnn entrenches itself in its current position, increasing its attack-range
  2. Name: Fastigium.Oeeoe Model: Changeling Role: Carry/Pusher Starting stats: Starting Health: 400 Starting Mana: 200 Movementspeed: 3.5 Attack Range: Melee Attack Speed: 1 Attack Damage: 35 Base Armour/Resist: 0 Base Spell Armour/Resist: 0 Strength: 20+4/lvl Agility: 38+7/lvl – Main Attribute Intelligence: 23+4/lvl Heroic passive: Mortifeum “Any attack from Oeeoe, or clones of it, amplifies its damage towards said target by 3%, to a maximum of 30%. The debuff lasts for 1.5 second and refreshes on further attacks.
  3. Name: Veneficus.E Model: Broodmother Role: Sustained Damage Mage / Pusher. Support. Starting stats: Starting Health: 450 Starting Mana: 450 Movementspeed: 3.0 Attack Range: 5u Attack Speed: 2 Attack Damage: 70 Base Armour/Resist: 15 Base Spell Armour/Resist: 5 Strength: 30+4/lvl Agility: 28+4/lvl Intelligence: 36+6/lvl – Main Attribute Heroic passive: Poison Incarnate “All damage inflicted by E causes a 10-second duration poison, dealing 15% intelligence as true damage per second, for the duration.” Refreshab
  4. Name: GrandPrix.None Model: Hellion Role: Carry/Pusher Starting stats: Starting Health: 450 Starting Mana: 200 Movementspeed: 3.8 Attack Range: Short for a ranged. 3u? Attack Speed: 1 Attack Damage: 28 Base Armour/Resist: 0 Base Spell Armour/Resist: 0 Strength: 25+4/lvl *Agility: 35+7/lvl – Main attribute Intelligence: 28+5/lvl Heroic passive: Keep it movin’ ”None is a belligerent speedster, and for each attack he has performed within the past five seconds, his movementspeed increases by 0.15 for five seconds
  5. the fact that u wrote "q spell" and then followed it up with "ability two" and "ability three" is a massive indictment against this hero, as well as ur mental faculties.
  6. Name: HardWorker.Soed Model: SCV Role: Initiator/Tank/Bruiser Starting stats Starting Health: 600 Starting Mana: 300 Movement speed: 3.5 Attack Range: Melee (1u?) Attack Speed: 1.5 Attack Damage: 50 Base Armour/Resist: 17 Base Spell Armour/Resist: 17 *Strength: 40+5/lvl – Main Attribute Agility: 25+3/lvl Intelligence: 20+4/lvl Heroic passive: Endgame ”Soed grows stronger, as the game grows longer. For each passing minute, he gains 20 additional health." First spell: C’mon, nerds ”Soed engages a
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