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  1. @NoWaterJustIce Thanks for the information! Yeah it seems like a lot of people still playing, That's great. @MOTHER ¡thanks for the reply! Yeah i was invited by some people to play some IH elo matchmaking on eu server but at the moment I prefer to stay on NA and practice a bit more. Yeah im thinking to give it time to announcement like 1 or 2 months. Im searching at the moment how to use the bracket and learning about streaming and other things 🙂 At the moment idk how many good players are on both servers. But yeah i think it's not necessary to use a clan at this poin
  2. ¡Hey John nice to see you! Yeah i found there's a discord channel now But think for a tournament announcement should i use again forums like old days. i'm working right now on the video for a quick promo, but would like to now if there's enough people for at least 4 - 5 teams. Making too a animated bracket and have previous work from an old template to use it for replays to use like moba's tournament. I would like to stay anonymous for a while 🙂
  3. Hi everyone i just came back a few days ago on NA server I would like to know if there's enough people to play a tournament? * I would like to involve cash prize like $ 100 or 200 dollars * color names * Badges Last time I played a tournament was in 2014 think so. Best Regards,
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