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    model: changeling Heroic passive: Lain of the wired Lain has many layers. When she dies, a new layer is uncovered and she respawns 7% faster and upgrades all her basic abilities, up to 12 times. Ability one: Phantoma Lain can blink up to 10u, and after she blinks she becomes ethereal, making her visible but untargetable and immune to magic for up to 2/3/4/5 seconds For every layer, she can blink up to 1u further. Ability two: Cyberia Lain is a social chameleon, and with the help of the wired she can project herself in
  2. Early-mid game skirmishes will be a lot more interesting this patch
  3. Harry heroes harry heroes
  4. This reminds me, I have only made two noobhouses happen, really sad, I'll get to organizing a new one sooner or later.
  5. Noobhouses Noobhouses are something that I came up with simply because I wasn't allowed to play inhouses for a very long time and it brought me a lot of frustration. This forum post will explain how noobhouses work in the most accurate way that I can describe it. Noobhouse draft First, teams are drafted by a captain, chosen either by popular vote or by le elo machine. Then, teams are drafted by the captains in the regular way. 1: Both teams pick their mid hero. 2: Both teams get to ban 2 heroes 3: Both teams get to pick 2 heroes 4
  6. Naiwato


    Hello I am Naiwato. I've been playing for a few months, since about October last year I think? Well whatever. As many of you know, I'm Megastar's older brother and I have a dog. My dog's name is Loki, he's a whippet, and I could show a picture of what he looks like, but I won't for now. I go to school, but I kind of don't go to school at the same time, so I have quite a bit of free time to do pretty much whatever I want to, so my parents force me to take care of our dog by walking him every day because they don't want to do it. Sometimes I draw things, and I've been thinking of drawing a
  7. Hello, fellow players of a great starcraft 2 arcade game. I have a few issues that I want to address, as the representative, leader, and only member of the EU clan <PubEU>, or pubbers. 1. My thoughts on the current meta I have played several games where tanks have more than twice as much damage out as their carries, making them essentially a one man team with small damage support. There's a few reasons as to why this happens. First, carries were nerfed. Simultaneously, tanks were indirectly buffed by carry nerfs, and some were directly buffed while a new core anti DPS
  8. I don't like the fact that there are very few hp items and lots and lots of dps items. So I came up with a few ideas, not just hp items, but tank items in general and some support items, one jungle item too which I thought was cool. If you don't have a lot of time for now, you should probably read this later. Boar Heart: +750 hp, 1800 minerals Jade Lotus: +300 hp, 725 minerals EMP: components: boundary scanner, nullifier 7 spell armor Active: remove 20% max energy and all shields from all enemy heroes in an area around you and remove cloak, revealing
  9. Roles: Initiator, support We need a melee int hero. So for this purpose, I have decided that I will try to implement it. This is important guys, it's really cool. So. The hero model would have to be something like … a pink zealot Then: Starting stats: Starting HP: 532 Base Energy: 684 Movement speed: 3.5 Attack range: 1.30 Attack speed: 1.90 Starting damage: 60 Base armor / resist: 16.6% Base spell armor / resist: 24.4% STR: 30 (+4/LVL) AGI: 25 (+3/LVL) INT: 38 (+8/LVL)***
  10. Just like Abathur from Heroes of the storm lol
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