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  1. The Hoot. Once again a creative genius. 👍🤓
  2. Preach, tancor is the most boring thing to ever exist.
  3. A real maternity leave, or just a pun?
  4. Sure if you think that but you should read what you type before you say stupid shap. I used to play ih with whale and atom all the time back in the day and offer advice on ways to nerf op items/heroes. Unlike you I wasn't irrelevant and critiquing opinions.
  5. Balance; I agree with some low skills combos with items or heroes I think combos without counter play are very bad, nitro enables some heroes to do things you can't really counter already stated by grass. Some heroes/item combos are really slept on like grunty with everthirst it's very good almost too good but its hard to tell because its not very common to see without multiple recorded inhouse games going. I definitely think maar needs some looking at that hero does too much with terrible items relative to its role. QOL; Mainly a balance vote, I think some items are really good but just
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