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  1. Hero: Vilise Melee int hero Type: Tank/Caster/Nuker Model: Creeper (Primal baneling) Stats: Having a high str and int stats, low agi Lore: In Planet Zerus, primal Zerg prosper, hunt then evolve. However, not Zerg hunts for creepers in this planet, not only they taste like rubber, but there is a special creeper Vilise. Every time some ignorant Zerg tries to hunt her, instead of getting sprayed by disgusting acid from creeper, they spray blood and organics on her. Passive: Whenever an enemy hero died within 14u around Vilise, their corpse will e
  2. Nyon Ranged Str hero Model: Xanthos Role: Tank/Carry/Mage/Support After Xanthos got destroyed by Nova, Tal’darim manages to get the wreckage of it, and tries to rebuild it. However, Tal’darim is not familiar with Terran technology, they have to remove vulcan blaster, fighter bay and missile bay from the original design and create a smaller version of Xanthos. After the construction done, Alarak inserts four brave Tal’darim soldier's spirits into the machine, an ascendant into the flamethrower, a vanguard into the railgun, a blood hunter into the thruster, and Nyon, t
  3. Clyde and Bonnie Melee agi hero and melee str hero Model: Dark Templar-Tal’darim (Clyde) Selendis-zealot form(Bonnie) Clyde is a criminal who committed several robbery and murdering, court of Tal’darim wants him to die painfully. They connect his soul to a lunatic and locked them in jail, waiting for the lunatic to tear him into pieces. However, the lunatic did not hurt Clyde and they cooperate in extremely clever way, they break jail in that night and escape from Tal’darim. Str: 30+5 Agi: 31+5 Int: 28+3 Weapon damage: 42 Attack r
  4. Spyder Ranged Agi hero Role: Mage/Support/Carry Model: Widow mine Weapon: WoL campaign maar weapon (unburrowed)/Widow mine weapon(burrowed) No story for this because I’m lazy. Str: 22+3 Agi: 32+7 Int: 30+6 Weapon damage: 60 Attack range: 5u Attack interval: 2s Lvl 1 HP: 530 lvl 1 MP:400 Physical resistance: 24% Spell resistance:15% Passive: Resonance Whenever an enemy hero taken physical/spell damage from Spyder, they will receive resonance effect last for 8s, if Spyder d
  5. Avatar Xada-Hgla Melee Str Hero Support/Tank Model: Changeling Stats: Str:33+6 Agi:33+6 Int:33+6 Weapon damage:60 Attack interval: 2.0s Range: Melee Hp:600 physical resistance:22.2% spell resistance:22.2% Xada-Hgla is the avatar of Azathoth, it follows Azathoth to fight any enemy against it. Xada-Hgla can change the structure of itself to overcome different positions, it can also apply this power on other creatures, to strengthen its allies and weaken the enemy. T: Remodeling Passive:
  6. Hero: Superior Nasadak Melee Int hero Model: phoenix Attack animation: rotate 45° to left or right Str: 20+4 Agi: 38+6 Int: 40+8 Weapon Damage: 55 Attack interval: 2.0s Range: Melee Hp: 530 Physical resistance: 25% Spell resistance: 15% ??? Passive: Ancient Echo Nasadak’s Q, W, E can crit. Nasadak use energy instead of mana, his max energy is 10. Nasadak has no energy regeneration, he gains 2 energy after his abilities hits an enemy hero, and gai
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