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  1. Nice trashtalk you noobs, they cost 140 and make up for not starting with a durans-item in lane.
  2. sYnc

    Lethal Barb

    Lethal Barb is supposed to be a super cost-effective DPS and Attack Speed item in early to mid-game. I think it´s not meant to build into anything else.
  3. I think Zeratul doesn´t get picked because there are more popular melee assassin alternatives (Boros, Shad, Leo and maybe even Crackling). However, I do not think he needs to be buffed in terms of damage, his kit is really strong. Your idea of opening up his options for new builds might encourage players to play and pick him more.
  4. I think Asura's Guise is what used to make Lurker so good, dunno if that interaction got changed.
  5. I do not think the point of Aegis is to necessarily kill champions and rather to stop enemy pushes or slow them down long enough to organize a defense. Therefore the current visibility seems fine.
  6. sYnc


    Tetra´s duration is reduced with every use, down to 4s. Also there are a lot of tools to play around it (barrier/mobility spells and items). There won´t be 5 champions building tetra so it´s more about your teams ability to play around the 1/2 champions using it. I think Corona isn´t bad, just really situational.
  7. Ye there has, but I am pretty sure i was part of 90% of that activity and the lobbys barely fill. I would love to see EU play atleast proper pubs regularely again.
  8. EU is dead anyway, not like it matters lol
  9. Hey all! I really want to get back to AoS and i used to play in tournys some time ago. Since player-base moved to NA, i want to ask if there is any way to reduce ping and or delay when joining NA. Grateful for any answer. ty!!
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