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  1. Nerf this nerf that
  2. they are healthy and tasty !
  3. so far Bile has won 1 game, after that he chickened out to play any more. Now people make fun of me saying Bile>bile n shiet which is simply not true! he won because he had fisher in his team since he won RPS (lucky fwuck) so I suggest we have a BO3 either from start or counting that game idc but Bile is a wussy so he will want with that other game where he got carried by the eu ambassador. ON FRIDAY OR/AND SATURDAY OCTOBER 22/23 YEAR 2020 HE WILL DO BO3 V ME OR HE IS A fokin wussy (WHICH HE IS)
  4. ffsm did this, mother should ban ffsm
  5. ur making me miss my honoured player role with this picture :C
  6. sync stays up till 4 am it should be okay
  7. Np the game is in a good state atm
  8. hehe u have 69 posts funny number
  9. Bile with the 69 posts.......
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