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  1. ah thats right, been a while since i played. I enjoyed him, diablo, and nova. I knew there was a reason to not just stay in base whole game tho, he can double soak from what i rmbr very well.
  2. Abathur from Hots is that hero and he must be within a certain distance- he takes over a creep/hero and can use a skill shot with low cd/dmg, a shield that can also heal, and an aoe burst around the host infected. He is killable because he must be within a certain range to take over a creep/hero altho is far range- while he is infected on something/one he is unable to move from his current location while hosting- thus making him vulnerable and reliant on constant moving/warding/dewarding to stay alive and within a distance to help team. His ultimate creates a clone of a hero in the game,
  3. biggest problem I see is the snowball potential this hero combined with a hard carry could bring, needs to have a trade off- but I suppose a weak lane/no lane is the trade off? Or maybe he has to be within a certain distance for his abilities to work on other heroes. That way he can be ganked/exploited.
  4. I just recommended a hero like this be made lol
  5. Bile

    Viron Q

    w was alrdy nerf, soulution= tetra, nitro, taser. 🙂❤️
  6. still git viron in B huh....
  7. interesting, who is this bile you speak of?
  8. Very cool Bio change Mother. Adds a unique playstyle to the hero again instead of just claymoring the lane, well done 🙂
  9. Bile


    grave diggin threads, this ones gold!
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