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  1. Decay is going to screw me but I am personally very glad to see that and other tweaks to the AOS Elo system -- I think these changes will help create more equal matchups. I'm looking forward to the new season!
  2. Is this a stealth Ancient Rune buff? No internal CD o.O
  3. I love the simple and intuitive bracket-style graphic. It makes the whole process very clear for visual learners.
  4. That is a fat update with something for everyone. Thanks MOTHER, going to take my time thinking about all of the changes.
  5. Nice update thank you @MOTHER!
  6. Upvote for the Rocky Horror Picture Show reference. BUT MAYBE THE RAIN! Is, really to blame. . .
  7. I'm not sure that these quotes are accurate. . . <checks replay> Ok, some of them might be accurate.
  8. Have a great break MOTHER, and thank you for pushing out all of these updates during the pandemic!
  9. I'll make sure that I stream the next game I play with you BlackCat.
  10. Welcome to the 21st century EU players.
  11. Awesome!!!! I like this kind of announcement!
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