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  1. Is this a stealth Ancient Rune buff? No internal CD o.O
  2. I love the simple and intuitive bracket-style graphic. It makes the whole process very clear for visual learners.
  3. That is a fat update with something for everyone. Thanks MOTHER, going to take my time thinking about all of the changes.
  4. Nice update thank you @MOTHER!
  5. Upvote for the Rocky Horror Picture Show reference. BUT MAYBE THE RAIN! Is, really to blame. . .
  6. I'm not sure that these quotes are accurate. . . <checks replay> Ok, some of them might be accurate.
  7. Have a great break MOTHER, and thank you for pushing out all of these updates during the pandemic!
  8. I'll make sure that I stream the next game I play with you BlackCat.
  9. Welcome to the 21st century EU players.
  10. Awesome!!!! I like this kind of announcement!
  11. If we like the idea of a backpack you could instead give players access to a higher tier item menu which would basically be like combining two tier 3 items into one. But make it so that there are only 1 item in each of STR, AGI, and INT focus, making it fairly unpractical to buy more than one. If the higher tier item shop menu is only available for the time the Dagon buff lasts for or something similar, and people would really have to commit to this expensive higher tier item. That is probably a really dumb idea, sorry, I'm high.
  12. Super happy to see that Rory got a badly needed update to his W and E sounds. I expect more people to start playing him now due to this alone 😛
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