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  1. I mostly agree with what Major and SayMyName posted. Both of them get a bad rap for being.... er, "overly-dramatic" in game but I feel are largely correct in regards to this and should not just be brushed off. Aside from the frustration of hardly ever being able to get into a IH game nowadays, its pretty funny and mind-blowing how elitist and clique-ish behavior bleeds into even such a ridiculously small and insignificant community like AOS, a custom game within a free-to-play game. We currently have a select roster of 15 or so Elite players regularly being able to play games, gett
  2. BlackCat

    Viron Q

    Wtf is a Viron anyways? I can't find him on SC2 wiki.
  3. Wait, Spooky has authority to kick ppl? Lol. And here I thought he was the annoying yet somewhat lovable little brother kind of presence in AOS. I'm guessing the above was in a pub game? To be honest the bm actually seems pretty mild to me. Perhaps this is a problem in itself and I'm too used to the toxicity. Its surprising how different some ppl are when they are in pubs (or only typing) and when they are in IH (and talking on a mic).
  5. "So-and-so is a tier-2 level-3 rank-8 player. Btw, in my arbitrary tier list constructed completely by my personal opinions, I'm a tier 1+ player along with the likes of Fisher, Grass and Sync." - Alty "Believe me, I'm just as upset about my computer crashing 3 games in a row. Can all of you guys wait for me again while I restart my computer?" - Spookygeorge "Oh my god.... oh my god.... I'm so sorry I just missed.... Sxxt.... FXXK!!!" - Xacent "I can captain! Can we just get playing already?!? Hurry up!" - Blackcat
  6. There are quite a few more who aren't included in the list. A lot from EU aren't in.
  7. Funny, but honestly I never cry imba about drafted IH teams.
  8. BlackCat


    0 bounty on killing TS wards is a too far a swing in the opposite direction......
  9. "Ban Tosh, Maar and Yig!" - Everyone "(The lag) It isn't me!" - Spookygeorge "Defiler got nerfed and isn't OP anymore" - Mother "NooOooooTooOoooo!" - notoogien (The one time he was let into IH), "Can we hurry up and pick captains?" - Blackcat ".... Can everyone just listen to me?..... Why don't you guys talk on discord more?.... Why is everyone muting me?......" - Alty "Stop calling me Bile!" - Megastar
  10. I'm no saint, and I don't mean to start a crusade based on a personal vendetta, but I literally have not seen one single positive interaction ever between Gimmetht and another player in whatever game he is in. - Constant feeding (not a ban-able offense in itself, however he does it remorselessly, never listens to his team or accepts constructive criticism and never improves). - Constant BMing. - Lags and AFKs in game very often. I've given him multiple chances but he inevitably continues to ruin games. I'm going to be kicking him from any lobby I'm hosting, and if possib
  11. It used to be stealthy. If its meant to go in another direction then its fine.
  12. BlackCat


    Saying Corona is 100% useless is quite harsh, she can get very powerful late game. But like Grass pointed it out its generally too hard to get to that point, even if you are a decent to good player, and even after getting there all mages get countered by enemy dps getting a single item in Tetra.
  13. I know Aegis' active graphics were made more visible to cater to players with lower graphics, however I feel its a bit too obvious and lets DPS too easily stop attacking until its over. Now the enemy player has to either be not paying attention at all or a newb player to keep attacking the that massive red box after 1 hit. Can it be made a little less obvious?
  14. When trying to teleport with D to a location, very often my char will start moving towards the location and cancel the teleport. It happens even after pressing Hold and then D. Whats the trick to avoiding this?
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