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  1. Damn nice man! Looks like you got your life all together already. I also got something similar to carpel tunnel, but on left wrist. Was wondering why u haven't log on Overwatch for a while. Well I also quit that game now... I happen to check the forum from time to time whenever I see a big tournament of League of Legend on twitch. Glad to hear you're still around
  2. My sc2 settings are all low. I have switched 2 PC and 1 laptop over the past 4-6 years. Complete new PC, and I still get the lag spike only in my home and not in my friend's house. This is my 3rd cable modem, and 2nd router.. all have the same issue. Called my internet provider, and they came to check. Said everything is installed and working properly. My city only has 2 cable provider, tried both. There's just probably some kind of cable wire compatibility issue from my house to blizzard or something. lol I don't lag in anything else. The support says I get random packet loss to Blizzard, and
  3. My heart will always be with you guys. Edit: I cannot be there with you guys because of my internet lag spikes with Blizzard in my city. I logged in SC2 to give it a try again after seeing this thread. Here is the result: I get this lag spikes every 2 to 3 seconds thru out the whole game in the video. And this is my internet speed below. I've tried everything to fix it, even contacting Blizzard supports countless times over the past 4 years, with no solution. Feelsbadman. I don't get any spikes in LoL, Dota, or CS;GO. I do get spikes in HOTS, WoW, Diablo3, &
  4. They're all 24", and they're not mounted to the desk. I can move around it left, right, forward, and back by just picking up by the bar attached to the stand in the middle. It is called Triple monitor stand.
  5. I only heard of UPS, which I learned about when I visited local Fry's Electronics store. Don't know much about it. Perhaps, a Tesla home battery? haha As for dual or triple monitors. I think two monitors are enough. Third one is just for the luls. I had two 60hz monitor for so many years. Recently wanted to test out 144hz for gaming, so I now have three. I rarely use the third one unless I work. lucky to work at home. Here my setup. Ignore the chair. I can't believe I listened to the reviews online for this over-hyped chair. Get a Herman Miller Aeron or something.
  6. One day we will all meet again. In Starcraft 3 or Warcraft 4 ;)
  7. Poker.. after years of playing with friends and online poker. I start making a steady $200-$500 bucks every weekend in nearby casino here. Just a side hobby. Hopefully I can become better in the future.
  8. Damn Whale op! Better make some sick games in the future. I moved to Overwatch, but don't play much recently cuz of work and gambling.
  9. Not only is it free, you can also use it on a web browser, without installing anything. I join different discord servers for each game or community I play/participate in. You can join all servers u like at the same time. Just click on the tab to switch channel to different servers u want to join and chat. Sadly AoS community is pretty much dead.. wtf teamspeak.. i deleted all my voice chat software now after i learned about discord :(
  10. I know not everyone likes Discord, but it seems to be the biggest voice communication thing for gaming now. I think you guys should move there, so I can visit ya'll more often <3 The nice thing about discord is I can join as many servers as I want.
  11. what the actual fk is this? It never happened to me in other blizzard games.. i'm waiting for 10 minutes now my overwatch won't start o.o
  12. I think Artanis is more op.. should make artanis' Q into skill shot also. except it must also hit something for it to jump to it
  13. good old times.. missed bm'ing redhydra
  14. shaps op yo! at least in pub... I think in team game, he is manageble, but in pub it is ridiculous.. even i cant do shap against him if i dont pick even more few selected op hero.
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