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  1. Dat map was so fun. The forest version was better though... I liked the fact that there were actually hidden hiding spots back in the trees for those that knew about them.
  2. Ha Whale. ICWUTUDIDTHERE... Hannes is my real nickname and Hanedog has been my IGN forever!!!! Then this Johannes guy comes along toot'n his Johannes horn and try'n to steal my thunder... I digress.... Nice patch.
  3. Man, who does this Johannes guy think he is trying to steal my real name.... Grrrrrr
  4. Please change Rancor's scan to 'Peak-o-da-guyo'. And Cain's freeze to Brrrrrrrr-ito.
  5. Jakk Verano: R detonación 1,3 segundos -> 1,0 secounds ?: detonación 1.3 > Me acaban de ver , a menudo la felicidad huyó oponente . campeones de algo menos de 0,2 o 0,3 segundos ! Kryhak : Q - dirección de la flecha Fine Salmuera: E - dirección de la flecha Fernal Terminus ( Lurker ) : es que posible mostrar / ver el radio de ataque automático ( AA ) Rango del lurker ! "La muerte y recién nacidos " Si Lurker está vivo otra vez en la base, ir (no cavar ) ! R - > radio de gama That is what google says it means in Spanish
  6. I get the RoA ports, considering it was Whale's baby but using LoL as a hero sandbox doesn't make a lot of sense...
  7. Wait... LoL? Why are we stealing those ideas. Can't there be some originality? No offense but AOS has always been relatively original, why wouldn't we stick to community input on hero suggestions as opposed to porting over a bunch of heroes that mean very little to the individual community member.
  8. Where are dev's currently pulling new hero ideas from? What reasoning are you guys using to decide whether a hero concept gets axed or created and if so, is there a short or long list for heroes you plan on implementing?
  9. Hanedog

    Help Me ..

    Crap, I wasted $45 on HotS.... I don't think I have played competitive ladder in like 5 years...
  10. Hanedog

    Help Me ..

    Wait, SC2 is free? What did I miss? Why did I pay for both WoL and HotS
  11. Don't play HotS with Blazin- he suckiez :)
  12. How did you know I was Scandinavian?
  13. Oooohhhhhhhhh. Omni does not proc on-hit schtufffff. Guess I forgot that...
  14. BOOOOM! Yaldi is the winna! And I meant site...
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