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  1. Howdy. Updated the items to reflect 1.362 changes since Lightning Rod is no longer as viable as it once was.
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    Forum Upkeep

    Hey man, Thanks for making a great game. Even after all these years, it's still the shít. Happy New Year, brotha.
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    Haha word, bummer! Well, nice to meet you :)
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    Danteawaken? Good to see you, bud.
  5. I cannot recommend Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo enough, especially if you're a musician.
  6. If you've liked the show, I sooooooooooooo recommend reading the books. Season 1 is almost perfectly in line with the 1st book, you see some small differences in season 2 vs the 2nd book and then shap just completely deviates. The show doesn't give us the inner monologues the characters have with themselves, so the character development in the books is pretty amazing.
  7. Yeah, I'll give you Dorne being a complete suckfest. Prince Doran is holding that storyline together by a thread. I had a lot of fun reading about Areo Hotah and Dorne in general in the books, not so much the show.
  8. Damn, am I the only one who has enjoyed this season? Hardhome was easily one of my favorite GoT eps of all time. There's no way I'm the only one that has wanted to see what's going on there after reading Cotter Pyke's letter. I've read all of the books, so at this point I'm basically just seeing two completely different stories unfold. My primary complaint is how flobing weak the Unsullied are in the show. They're supposed to have short swords for close combat, what the flob?!?!
  9. I don't mind the pulls/dmg output so much, but damn those are some fat ass heals. Doesn't matter who is playing Yig, the hero commands respect on the field by anyone semi-competent.
  10. Well, the main point I was making is that Boros would have been WAYYY less of a threat had your team not been steamrolled early on. John's godlike was the direct result of a substantial amount of mistakes on your team's part early in the game. EDIT: To go a bit further, if he wasn't fed and farmed by the time you landed your pull at minute 26, it would've been an easy kill and may have led to a T2 tower push. Instead, you guys got destroyed.
  11. Hey man, thanks for posting this. In hockey, this kind of game is called "not playing a full three periods." For the first 19 mintues, John's team absolutely, unequivocally ran train on you guys. To be quite honest, you yourself played a pretty OK game and your Unix was trying his best to keep you guys in it. But that first 19 minutes completely flobed you guys over for a few reasons: You gave a player like John a lot of free farm when he shouldn't be getting any. Rancor had a DISASTROUS early game. I didn't recognize his name, but goddamn. He auto-attacked creeps almost the entir
  12. martY

    New Forums

    Oh wow, I honestly had no idea IPB was $30/month. That's ludicrous for forums, my god. I think I remember paying $5 a month for forums when I ran my WoW guild ha. Hell, even $25 CS server packages gave you a free 10-slot Vent server and free hosting. Anyway, sounds like everything is under control. Cheers, gents.
  13. This is why I'll never take balance feedback seriously without corresponding replays. There are simply too many instances of someone getting rekt and then immediately assuming it's because the enemy hero is OP. There are a million variables in every game. If you flob up too often, any good player will make you pay. Post a replay, then we can talk about your concerns after we evaluate the rest of the game.
  14. martY

    New Forums

    Haha that's precisely what I meant. Well if it turns out that's ultimately a barrier ekco doesn't want to cross, I'd gladly shell out some extra money to keep the forums in their current state for another year at least.
  15. martY

    New Forums

    I have to ask, and forgive me if it's a bad question, but is there any kind of legal issue with using a database we were once paying for? Or were we strictly paying for hosting and we're free to do whatever we please with the database itself? I'm just going to assume the latter.
  16. martY

    New Forums

    This. He's basically "building" out our current forum at a different hosting location. If I've understood everything correctly, the initial plan was to just change the A record for aeonofstorms.com in GoDaddy to point to a new location (the free forum ekco posted earlier). Now, instead of that, Darkr is downloading the client used to host this forum, hosting it elsewhere and transferring almost all of our existing data to it. Aeonofstorms.ga is not registered, so I'm not sure what the exact details are. I do know that our current domain expires in two months, so whatever decision is
  17. A lot of that was because we funded the White Army during the revolution in Russia. We looked like asses when they lost and it severely damaged the trust between both nations. Also, don't forget about the non-aggression pact Stalin signed with Hitler early on. There was always tension between Russia and her allies, so it was impossible for WW2 to end without being forced to consider what their plans were for the rest of Europe.
  18. I'd say WW1 was the more "inconsequential" war with regard to American involvement, as our troops were inexperienced and we didn't have nearly the same level of commitment as the rest of the Triple Entente (until the Triple Alliance started flobing with our economy by destroying trade ships). There's an old saying about WW2 though: it was won with American money, British intelligence and, above all, Russian blood.
  19. Holy flobing mud golems EDIT: Wow, this is a huge patch. Like, really huge. EDIT 2: Vlad's gives lifesteal to ranged now.
  20. Well then be honest man, what were the circumstances? Did you literally sit in the lobby the entire time, knowing HYLY was playing? If he's playing and you refuse to play with him, why even join the lobby in the first place? You have a near 50% chance of ending up on the same team as him.
  21. Idk man, guess I don't really know what the circumstances were. If he was in the lobby the entire time while teams were picked, I have a really hard time coming up with any sympathy here.
  22. I probably wouldn't have banned you for 24 hours, but you definitely wouldn't be playing in the next game, nor using a spec slot in the one you quit. I don't Mumble much though, so idk what the norm is for this kind of shap. So no, it doesn't sound ridiculous. Bit harsh, maybe, but most definitely not ridiculous.
  23. Let me try to put this more simply: you're ragequitting a game before it even begins. Does that not sound ridiculous?
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