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  1. glad we buffed queens creep aoe, def needed 😅
  2. Atom you SOB where have you been
  3. tychus is strong.. but he's got no mobility... bigger fish then him
  4. how about heroes that are tanky dps.. b/c to me thats where this item really shines... tanky dps heroes do wonders in the current meta, coupled with this item and very few heroes have a chance to 1v1. When you say they can bait etc. in a perfect world yes, but aos doesn't always lend itself to allowing multiple heroes to combat 1, when you've potentially got 4 other enemy heroes engaged in other places on the map.
  5. basically forces all casters to retreat from engagement vs someone w/ that item.. 8 seconds is too much.. needs to be like 4, w/ like 2-4 seconds of silence afterwards. Boros spell immunity is 4 seconds.. and he's melee ... this item goes on any hero... range/tank etc.
  6. Good question, does tower do % of health and scale upwards, or just a set amount of dmg and scale Up? I agree with your premise though, I'm not looking for towers that make it impossible to push or dive, but i do feel their should b some punishment for players diving, I often feel they can stay under threat of tower for such an extended period of time, that it literally warrants no protection of the player who's defending it.. which to me seems silly... not asking for a huge buff by any stretch, just a better understanding of how it currently operates
  7. can we discuss editing the damage done by towers? Seems almost insignificant during later points of the game
  8. Seem very strong atm, please check numbers on them
  9. Confirmed: [LPFB]HyLy will be in attendance tonight....
  10. 2/18/19 4pm Eastern time, NA IH requesting your presence on your Adamantium Tag 😄

  11. Today, 2/18/19 we will try to host Multiple IH's on NA Server (Eastern). This will look to begin at around 4PM Eastern time, Approx 4 hours from now.
  12. Come one, come all 4PM eastern time, lets see if we can get an IH with some old faces.
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