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  1. Well i did not kick him and there you go you were clearly trolling me and letting me die that is why i made the threat.
  2. I threatened to kick him because he was sat in the middle of a lane watching me die multiple times and sitting burrowed...
  3. Okay so your saying you did not troll me the whole game, like literally i'm attacking the opposite team and you just sit there burrowed and watch me die and then when i threaten to kick you that is when you stopped trolling and when i called you out on a miss play you then BM me so...
  4. nice to have u back turbolax
  5. This is true, sync will say "i'm about to leave"
  6. Haha this is funny, i think noot should be allowed in again since he made me laugh so much... 😂
  7. As a few people have been wanting an actual discord server that looks professional i have now updated the original one that we have and added a few things to make it more clean as such, I wouldn't mind having a few "discord mods" to help me keep it up to date and add tips and more. If you are interested please PM me or type to me on discord or in game! Here is the code to join the server.... QgfKB4J
  8. LOL grass your comment, Breathe kitty...
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