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  1. I tried AOS ver 6 And if you compare both. 6 It's much better than the new one. * The ground * The map * Mobility * * Everything. Things what I hate on the new one. - Map it's to dark. - Many camps - Creeps to strong - There is a lot of bushes - The design of the new map is very complex - Too many ramps, the same as the space to move inside the map is frustrating - Map its extremely large - Old river was more enjoyable I really appreciate the time and work on the new map but I think the course of AOS has been changing drastically. The game d
  2. I'm looking for a challenge. Find me on (na) server. Watch me Nae Nae!
  3. I guess Im going to play every single game mid lane.. Is like the great wall. No one can gank me. #BROKEN. Or can you take a bigger screen shot? Because this lane for real looks horrible for me.
  4. In-game name: pewpewOP - Preferred role:DPS. - Team/Individual: Play on NA Server.
  5. Honestly I prefer more heroes than a new map rework.
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