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  1. Model: Ihan-rii/Purifier Dark Templar Role: Agility melee carry/ melee spell caster Heroic Passive: The Balanced Path Whenever Varker dies, he switches between forms and can only do it via dying. Blessed: Varker deals 20% more weapon damage every 3rd attack or ability that has struck a enemy in any combination. Has a 25% death timer reduction. Bloody: Varker converts 75% of his physical damage into spell damage on auto attacks. gains 75-500 (scaling with level) max health. (converts critical strikes into spell damage, but not other sources of physical damage)
  2. Lore: The scientists of Castanar installation have tasked with creating the Hybrid, unknowing that they will be Amon's black army to conquer the Starcraft universe. ARES. Omega was one of the many ARES created to protect the scientist from unforeseen attackers from outside and even from the inside as creating Hybrid is a dangerous task. When Raynor and the rebels have infiltrated the facility and let loose the Hybrid that rampaged across the facility. The personnel of the installation activated one of the working ARES. Omega. ARES. Omega has supposedly eliminated the Hybrid, however none of th
  3. Dr. Zerg, a Terran that became infested by the Zerg or a powerful Changeling that prefers masquerading as a Terran scientist, has appeared in the Imperial Sanctum to fight for his own ends. The motives for his appearance at the Imperial Sanctum is just as mysterious as his origin. Speculations says that Dr. Zerg is here to gain control over the "power spots" as he mentions to his allies. Regardless, anyone that is facing Dr. Zerg must prepare for his bag of tricks and one big surprise. Model: Dominion trooper SCV with a ranged attack of a devourer Heroic Passive: Giga-Transformation
  4. I intended Jinara's autos to be instant in order to make it easier for her to use because she has no on-demand mobility/dashes in her base kit and she has to get in close range to use them. I do not know if I said it, but I intend the auto attack range to be grunty's range. Heroic passive: the attack speed lasts as long as you have a stack, it instantly becomes gone as soon as you have none remaining. The attack speed intends and helps you expend the charges to deal alot of damage as possible, not waste charges, and to proc the healing/cdr effect. Q - I intended it to provide timesca
  5. Model: Jinara/Malash, personally think Malash's armor is cooler Autoattack: Regular High templar attack animation from lotv and uses alarak's anti air lightning from coop Heroic Passive: Ascending Power After hitting a enemy hero, gain a stack of Ascending Power per ability cast, can have up to 3. Basic attacking will consume a stack, but will allow you to gain 45% attack speed and deal an additional 20% int spell damage to the primary target and enemies around it. You heal for 100% of this bonus damage (20% int) dealt and reduce your cooldowns by 1-2 seconds depending on level
  6. Base model: Arbiter Will utilize immortal's regular attack sound when the attack "launches" , not the attack impact sound. Heroic Passive: Not of This Reality Passively moves 8% faster. Activate: double the passive movement speed and ignore unit collision for 6 seconds. Cooldown of 40 seconds. - Ability is instant cast - Can potentially jumble up with illusions by taking advantage of no collision passive. - Will apply to current illusions on cast. Q - Matrix Compromise First cast - cast range of 10u/12u/14u/16u Target hero for cloning.
  7. The E being the weakest is hardly weak at all. The homing nature of the ability, makes it more reliable at dishing out "scented" which is Zyrona's most effective way to initiate a gank by going in with the movement speed and allows him to chase down enemies more effectively with R. Counterplay is truesight and making sure to shoot down the preyseekers. Might be hard to notice in intense fights, but shooting them down will save you alot of time by denying healing/speed for Zyrona. It is definitely a very impactful ability. Can potentially make the bridge give a buff to allies that allows t
  8. Base model: Primal Hive Guardian (dehaka coop variant) Blue genes: reduces your E cooldown by 50% and deals 10% more damage. Heroic Passive: kill or be killed When reaching below or at 60% HP, become enraged for 6 seconds, taking 25% less damage from all source except true damage, also deals 30% more damage. Has a cooldown of 180 seconds and it resets upon respawning. Q - Essence Blast Zyrona charges for up to 3 seconds, recovering health in the charge up time. When released early or at the latest, zyrona shoots a massive glob of acid that travels up to 10units, blowi
  9. good to see quistmann reads heroes of the storm heroes
  10. @NoWaterJustIce rate my hero design
  11. Model: infested turkey from a coop mutation (yep, its real) https://starcraft.fandom.com/wiki/Infested_turkey Role: AD mid assassin Heroic Passive: Feasting on Weakness Whenever Avian damages a enemy hero on their back, he gains 40-60% attack speed depending on level for 3 seconds. This effect also has a 10 second cooldown. Avian also deals 15-25% (depending on level) more damage to enemies behind their back. Q - Food Flinger Avian shoots out a random projectile (it is a different projectile model each cast, but it has completely no effect on gameplay) damaging e
  12. I am sorry for the shameful display the new generation of aos plebeons that they have showed off to you. It is not my responsible for them to make sure they know their place in history. They will rightfully regret disrespecting the traditions and history of aos/sotis once the kahoot questions come to bite them.
  13. Unban me, I want to be the first person to play the first hero to have a minute death cry
  14. well no... Abathur symbiote has unlimited range, he has to sit near a "certain distance" in his lane to 1. spread his toxic nest which has a certain range to delay enemy rotations by dismounting them whenever they trip one, they also keep watch over a area. and 2. use his locust to create constant pushing pressure in unattended lanes, they are also a target for him to use his symbiote. Abathur can literally sit in the pool invulnerable and symbiote/clone other people, but it is undesirable due to losing the potential for double soaking XP as aba, he can symbiote a lane creep and soak, b
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