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  1. Wtf guys, this game is still going strong?!?
  2. Hi guys, the above quote is by a guy named Shab from a locked topic. But I can see this coming from a lot of other mumblers as well. Their attitude are downright condescending and I wonder what give them the right to think they are better than us all? Specifically the old guys (yes I have been playing this game for a long time and read even the old sotis forum), somehow they think that the current ppl playing this game are, by some weird standard, 100 times worse than them. Because they play Dota2/LoL? I dont play Dota2 but I bet my LoL Elo is higher than anyone on this forum. Please discuss
  3. I dont know this Soed person but he seems to have suffered from a very dramatic trauma. I have been reading this forum a lot but never felt the urge to register and post however I cant help it when I see this hypocrite Soed acting all sympathetic. I am a pub player myself and this guy along with his INHOUSE gang have been berating us since forever. Just because they play with voice chat, they think they are somehow better than us automatically.
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