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  1. Paralex will help a great deal with the stuns, otherwise try to position yourself conveniently and dodge where possible, dodging itself is a skill. Also a great way to prepare yourself is to play these heroes and get to know exactly how they work, Not just knowing what their skills do, but where its best used and so on can go into great depths with this. knowledge is key, experience only tops its off. Also cheeky items like Lockbox can cause upset for these heros. Taser (silence) will also play a dramatic part in countering.
  2. This is getting way out of hand, we need a shocksterminator!!
  3. You would have to be more specific. As I see it, blacklisting is a last resort, we don't want to just start banning everyone who has a bad day. Perhaps this thread would be more useful to you, mentioning who and why you think this someone should be added. If just a curious general question I think a general "no" would be most accurate.
  4. ooooo I like the sound of 3g, I think we might give this a go!!
  5. I see! that actually makes a lot of sense, for the better too it seems. I'm looking forward to the following season, time to step up my game! as for the SS np, I'll keep posting them as they come, Dafuq has done a great thing stepping up to the plate giving up his time to sit and wait for gather 10 decent players at our time where the wait can be up to 1 hour, I'm only happy to contribute.
  6. This doesn't make sense to me: 23. MuhlBaby 1568.967547 12 14 26 181 167 280 34. Dante 1535.452365 12 13 25 137 87 168 So.. if I loose one more game I'll gain 33.515182 elo?!?! Someone please explain! I don't like that elo wiki page, it hurts my brain.
  7. I think this is a pretty positive step back in the right direction, as the number 1 cyp fan I support this for trial, However I still strongly believe a balance in his own range between his abilities are needed, however this makes a lot of sense in what I feel you devs wish to achieve, rather then just slapping him around with the nerf stick, I feel like a lot more thought has gone into this. Not that you need my approval ofc, but I will give you a lot more room to breath on this one. Could work! I'm optimistic, and certainly keen to try it him out.
  8. Perhaps this is one of those times for a brand new ult. Something along the lines of the item active of gauss canon. movement + no collision. just a basic thought. opinions?
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