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  1. You disregarding what i said to please your agenda what ever floats your boat. Not going to argue anymore sorry im not good as you now lets move on.
  2. Lol mate you died at 5% hp staying in lane that low , then you tower dove at level 5,(checked) i have no reason to troll at all as i stated its my second week back and im getting back into the hang of things so tower diving is hesitant to me, bio is what we call a level 6 champ in league. Watching the replay i have 15% hp as you tower dove so i wouldve died with you. i went to use it but you can clearly see in the replay im out of range when i tried and had agroe from the wave see screen shot for proof Stop making making false accusations to fit your agenda. If i tower dov
  3. So been back 2 weeks and it is beyond a joke on how bad the community has gone, here is an example of someone who should be giving a good example. How is spookygeorge a valued member? This appalling how this person can be so toxic, i could show alot more screenshots with this guy but i feel this is enough to shame. If this is how the community continues im sure it will die exactly how SEA did. I tried to be fair im not good anymore like i use to be but gives no reason to be so toxic spookygeorge dont blane others for your feeding and incompetents ingame and making threats
  4. Turbo


    Cheers spookylax I dont think a leap on its own would be over powered but as it is now def much worse. I did ih many times back in the day and darpa rarely got used not sure what buffs he got in the last few years but as the ulti stands now it is a joke. There are many heroes that are way more broken. Example: artanis the sustain the mobility early game is game breaking im pretty sure most people will agree. Tycus.the god that never dies. If we want to fix darpa remove the silence from grenade and revert the ulti back with no additional stats. Want silence?
  5. Turbo


    I have recently joined back about 2 weeks ago im an old vet of sotis and noticed a considerable ammount of changes and would like to voice my opinion on darpa. I played this champ in the past and last night i thought i would try a carry champion since i been playing vorpal and bio just to get back in the hang of things. His ulti....... The change to his ulti has ruined his kit i remember back in the day you could leap on or off ledges or to where your cursar is instead of how it is now to enemy or freindly targets His kit is meant for him to kite not and not dive in melee
  6. Turbo


    too a long break lol SEA died and lagg was bad on n/a so i gave up went back to Wow and LoL thought i would make an appearance back on AOS so much has changed
  7. Turbo


    Woo marxx and waii hope to see you guys on
  8. Just Turbo was lAOSl Turbo but i loged in first time yesterday clanless :( had my first game was barely playable i shouldve waited for this flobn patch to download
  9. LoL SEA (south east asia) just got a habbit of calling it oce because of lol
  10. Hey everyone im Turbo i use to play this game some time ago and will now be rejoining i was the clan leader of money/ak47 top clan oce (SEA) server and a member of panda's unfortunately due to my stupidity of pre-mading having a 90%+ win rate destroyed oce (SEA) server to the fact of not letting people win games or have a chance of learning i was also a fowl mouth rager so sorry to all i have mouthed off to. after destroying oce (SEA) i rerolled n/a i was also a member or AOS but unfortunately had to quit this game due to the delay i have on n/a server was unpleasant doing IH and sucking du
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