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  1. Not quite true, narud can't use powerstrike because of his lack of an AA, poor narud :(
  2. Ok, quick history lesson, muslim Spain was the height of tolerance until several lesser crusades were launched against it. If you could hold a reasonable discussion of your views instead of spewing hatred and intolerance we might actually accomplish something here
  3. It would be fun to have all the extra models to work with for hero suggestions, but I've played in games that use them, they are much lower resolution and look very cartoony.
  4. Actually for once in this thread you are correct, approximetly 99.99% of muslims mean no harm the other 0.01% do intend to install a global caliphate, my numbers may be off by a few orders of magnitude it may actually be 99.999 or 99.9999% peaceful, how would you like it if you were judged by the worst 0.01% of society, which would consist of primarily the criminals of the US. You wouldn't like it, so don't do it to other people. To others I apologize for posting a derailing message countering his spewed vitriol.
  5. The primary difference between xeno and contam as I see it is contam is a surviveability item with a healthy dps boost, xeno is a situational anti tank item with a dps boost, I agree with tazn that split armor pen on casters would be a big nerf, in my experience burst casters already have trouble with remotely farmed heroes, lets not make it even harder on them for no reason except consistency amongst pen numbers per item
  6. Luckiest, it is possible to say bad things about anything and back it up with evidence if you ignore all evidence to the contrary and focus on a few examples, for instance, the crusades were for all intents and purposes christian terrorism directed at the jewish and islamic population of the middle east during the middle ages. When someone just wants to post about an important event in their religous life, you should never insult their religion, in fact, you should never insult someone's religion. Ever. Period. End of story. Not okay.
  7. LOL, I thought the OP aa Queen build was known to only a few, why are you spreading such knowledge to the masses :D
  8. Basically what you are saying is that pubs don't matter in terms of balance even though they are the vast majority of games of AOS played, that is the attitude that got us shadow twoshotting entire teams with explosive. Shadow is an aa hero, his skills do not need to deal damage for him to be good he has four gap closers/cc and a very strong teamfight ulti, and afaik the only aa speed slow in the game now is on a few skills and sword breaker and chilling actives, atom would do nothing except let you run if you bought it on a ranged hero. In a 1v1 duel with no actives an acral and shadow o
  9. If the unix ulti wasn't so derpy and didn't have so many 'features' it would actually be good, every parallel version I can think of is instant, DOTA Bane fiends grip, LOL Malzahar ult, their duration is shorter but they have longer range and are inavoidable, in the case of bane I think you can even do it to someone who is magic immune but it deals no damage. That is my case for it piercing debuff immunity, that and I want to see boros mains cry op at the roundabout nerf to their q
  10. Really? That might explain why he actually survived doing that multiple times in lane :( whale PLZ buff UP
  11. I wasn't running atom smasher, I was support because what I did was faceplant into their farmed shadow and do as much damage to him as I possibly could then my teams really fed shadow would mop up, its a style similar to suicide bomber anthrax except without the global initiation.
  12. They're still outrun by most heroes for some reason, but its hilarious to watch vorpal pul all the banes to himself
  13. The idea was it would be situational, after allw ould you call it worthless if it let you dodge the enemies burst as asquishy adc and then went on to win games, this item is not meant to a core item on every hero, I was also trying to promote support cow, because I kinda did it one time and if blizzard hadn't lagged like it was running on ANIAC we would have won that game. The only ones I see not being situational are MK's, Unix's, and Stetmann's all three of which have really underwhelming(or in the case of stetmann downright bad) ultis
  14. The only thing tumors are good for is free sentry wards and making a queen who doesn't get cut off or chain cc'd uncatchable. The ultra really needs to move faster, its good but worthless if people just walk away
  15. Queen never was very strong, for a pusher she could only win lane vs people who would stand in her banes, if shes supposed to be a pusher plz make her push more overwhelming, she loses out in push potential and utility to just about every pusher and any adc who bought explosive
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