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  1. I think Adam forgot how to code...
  2. Enjoy your time off! But not too much as we want you back! Thanks for all of your contributions, perhaps one of the older developers will pick up the torch while you are taking a break?
  3. Good list, You have 2x Yoshi btw. Probably a bunch of EU people missing, Could always elaborate on region in Column B 🙂
  4. I think the wait is worth it when you have a good line up of players that knows whats going on, but I am not spending 30 min drafting when 30% of the lobby feeding in pubs. T Anyway, If I see a some decent players on today I'll see if I can organize something.
  5. I understand the concept of inhouse and draft picks, however with the current playerbase, or at least the people I experience, it's far to painful to go through a 30 min draft process given the general understanding and flexibility of playing various heroes people have. You might be better off being US based though.
  6. Hi Revision, I think there are more than enough people for inhouses however I don't think it's very compeditive as 50% of the players won't use discord. That being said it's quite questionable if it's worth spending 30 minutes to draft and go try hard mode when you don't have anyone to shut at when they flob up! That being said people tend to make private lobbys and invite 10 people and just balance the teams quickly and hope that random picks gives a good game.
  7. Fisher


    Buff raynor please
  8. Thanks, I never had any idea of the portraits either. Not the right place to post about it, but any chance there is a blue gene ability per character guide somewhere?
  9. Agree on the fading 0.5 second too, it gives you a chance to be ready with the scanner without loosing valualble time. Also a bigger problem, I still think the cooldown on the scanner is too long. It's so annoying when you can't rescan when needed.
  10. Too many smurfs these days
  11. Come now Paybacker - EU Prime time seems to be around now and until NA takes off in about 5 hours.
  12. Come join us - need 2! https://imgur.com/a/BaRSKii[/img]
  13. Fisher

    Grass Casts

    Who should I contact to get invited to a proper game?
  14. Maybe the lingo is slightly different, however it's roughly the same stuff: You still have people who "lag" whenever they under perform You still have people who talk about how great they are when they are not under performing. You still have "good" players who leave the game early if they have a poor start. You still have people who purposley starts feeding after they got wreckt in their lane, pretending they are trolling when they lack the skill / balls to adapt to a rough start. Majority of people has HOPEFULLY matured over the years, however once the
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