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  1. Been a while. Logged on today out of boredom. Glad to know AoS is below top 10 now (where it should be as of late). Wish this wasn't the case though. Wish devs would take feedback seriously. Best wishes, - not a fan of sinking with ship
  2. boros has been op the entire existence of the game. 1 ridiculousness I'm even used to by now
  3. Enjoy your 7 hour pub lobbies and 10man pool IH...
  4. +1 The majority of those here are vehemently opposing the recent changes and still the devs are too insecure and blind to listen. a joke. rip general populous opinion is pretty damn low right now based on his recent patching, if this isn't unbelievably and blatantly obvious from the forums right now....
  5. Right there with you buddy. I wish I was wrong though.... Its ranked 8 on NA servers and dropping fast. Not to mention the lobby wait times have increased exponentially
  6. I've been screaming this shap for months now....
  7. ...yeah, this works. 29-8 vs decent team.lol 1st try. Had to mix it up a bit at the end to spend my 13k mins, but yeah. Only thing is I skipped step 1 and started at 2 *Edit - after a few more tries I've found this build still wont work against op builds such as nova and kerri. Also, still have some energy issues all game. Still going to give it a few more tries and see if I can find a balance.
  8. I didn't see any recent topics on this, but there should be. Boros is the one player that has been OP for the entire time I've played SCII. Even shap players do decent in pubs with him
  9. Yeah, from my unofficial testing, it doesnt seem like Q procs crit. However, coa instead of eye and saber isn't too bad though. Been using the following last few games and like it: coa > claw > galactic > cleaver > organic > atom smasher .. still not sure one way or another about atom yet.
  10. To your credit, it does seem you have slowed in the mechanics altering updates, which has allowed for some leveling in play experience. But the pool is still dwindling. I am actually starting to get the hang of play again, now that things aren't changing so much (and I spend a ton of time in the forums). But I'm waiting 10min+ for nearly every pub game to start now, and everyone's name is becoming awfully familiar. My last jab was, more than anything else, a weight for my previous complaints/suggestions. I've never seen you in pubs Whale, but it really is quickly disappearing. I hope the IH sc
  11. Just wondering when changes will be made to either 1) make the game better or 2) stop making it worse so ppl will stop leaving?
  12. Played one game last night with this, got lucky it was noobs. sure, gave me decent AA punch and a little extra time in team battles, but major energy shortages even end game and I don't think this would cut it if I had decent opponents.
  13. I used to go arc bound but heard the missiles didnt crit any more and just took it at face value and turned to phys dmg. If it does still have crit, then I will certainly change my build. Testing that tonight. idk, never tried Atom, but seems pricey for what it offers. Force seems worth it for the price, but lackluster I already have tons of slow by endgame. me too ... me. too.
  14. [Omega.Starscream] Basic Starter Build So, ss has changed quite a bit recently and I've had to adapt play style significantly. However, to Whale's credit, I actually really like the new req build. So, if you're looking for somewhere to start, start there. Also, take this with a grain of salt and feel free to critique (I'd love to try out new builds - that make sense) cause I don't really know what I'm doing. Again, I mostly follow the req build so these will already be there: Items: Eye of Narud - extra weapon dmg/speed to help farm + observer helps prevent early game ganks En
  15. I'm a server admin, but I have little interest in coding :\
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