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  1. Why not that will be new hero A.R.E.S? christmas gifts?
  2. Good news for all players! Reason: 3 new heroes are coming! Have Fun! @MOTHER, do you work as a designer and with some talented artists? I like art! I don't have a good time for drawing somehow! I'm busy at work and too home! I often ride my bike, I always go somewhere! I want Tychus to do rework! Tychus is kind of okay!
  3. Hey, I've checked all the heroes, what's missing line! I took some screenshots. Before and After (improvement and example) Kerri Q (See below) / Bio Q / TBone Q / Vorpal Q,E,R / Cain Q / Khyrak Q and R / Volkov W?! / Zeratul Q / Toxi Q / Alpha E!? / Avenger Q and R / Warfield Q and W / Arcal Q and R (mini map) / Vega Q and R / Raynor E and R (See below) / Axion Q and R / Vorazun Q / Erekul Passiv and Q(5u) / Dustin Q / Maar Ex2?! / Jakk E / Greelus R (Direction) / Stukov Q / Antharax Q / Kuradel W and R (Direction) / Corona Q
  4. I know old Rules! 4-BAN- 3 PICK - 2 BAN - 2 PICK. Now has total 77 Heroes. New: 3 Ban - 3 pick - 2 ban - 2 pick. Hmm 77 heroes are too many! But i like Captains Pick! ! Thank you, Mother.
  5. Thanks to you, Mother! Later I sign up discord. We see our discord later.
  6. Okay! Good, I look at Youtube often! Nice "Film". I think why not that we can briefly video about moments. for example: Heroes of the Storm Moments. Why not? For example, this video! 59bfc8e577ea4_StarCraftII02_03.2017-20_10_37_01.mp4
  7. Hi guys. 2-3 years still games. Now I'm back. 2 months ago I play again Aeon of Storm and lots of news (items and heroes). I really like it! God Job, Mother and etc. I have gained new experience and know well. I have other experience Heroes of the Storm. I hope that eventually I will play with team in the inhouse. INFO: I don't have a discord because I'm deaf. Respect me! I hope new hero comes sometime! I suspect A.R.E.S. or....? Good Luck Have Fun > Aeon of Storm
  8. WTF Moments VIDEO StarCraft II 02.03.2017 - StarCraft II 01.14.2017 - StarCraft II 01.14.2017 - StarCraft II 01.14.2017 -
  9. long time still i played Mandrake! StarCraft II 09.17.2017 - StarCraft II 09.17.2017 - StarCraft II 09.17.2017 -
  10. Hey Mother (Jessica) GREAT JOB! i like! nice new Hero Karax! I hope that sometime I play inhouse when 10 players are!
  11. Some change heroes and items and update date and load screen! nice image!
  12. Next Changelog: Sarah Kerrigan: new skin and new portraits as nova! old skin :-alt [W] - Glaive Worm 33% less physical dmg >-25%
  13. Mother, You do not understand? Theme? Health Capsule / Energy Capsule?
  14. Next Changelog? Items: Health Capsule / Energy Capsule When I see link hero, little health or energy, I actually give capsule and give ..! Range???? Only near! Better range than "Enternal Drive" Hero: Lurker: If Lurker under ground and sight range AA!!!!! Bio: [E] - Aberrated Claymore 70/ 130/ 190/ 250 >>> 120 / 180 / 240 / 300 [W] - Cannibalize Cooldown: - 30 >> 15 seconds Ability: Target display! an example. Swann Rory! Strength Kerri: Q TBone: Q Vorpal: Q, E, R Cain: Q Khyrak: Q Agility Toxi Q Warfield Q, W Savange R Axiom Q Hun
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