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  1. Should a tower save you from a losing lane or bad lane match-up?
  2. To me, tower diving feels rewarding when the kill is secured because it's not easy.
  3. "The problem is X item is OP. X should be removed. They're not playing the game - only splitting." - Alty "Can we just play the game?" - MOTHER
  4. *Team gives up First Blood* "I told you the teams are imba!" - BlackCat
  5. You're right. I am a feeder.
  6. True. Maybe I'll play a game on my real account sometime. Or reveal all the smurfs I've had 🤔🤔🤔
  7. Zera comes back for 1 game and doesn't even invite me... so bm
  8. Honestly, it has depended on whether or not I was using a smurf.
  9. I can see why the IH is in quotes 🙂
  10. Pretty sure Adamantium hasn't been in a game in years. A smurf or 3 may have been 🙂
  11. I miss feeding you, highdrater.
  12. Looks like it's time to buff pyro. Remove hp cost from e, increase R range! Also, let the balrog rework commence!
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