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  1. It makes the game more realistic and challenging
  2. Can you like...make it?? :D PLEASE
  3. Sounds like too much work just for 1 day/week to me
  4. Don't make me show you how things are done, pls
  5. I don't have time to read so long questions
  6. not at all, all the same, no constant updates and awesome game and mechanics changes (the sarcasm is strong with this one)
  7. I think you should really consider talking in the videos, It is hard, I don't question it, but, trust me, with the time it will be much easier
  8. hmm, you intend to post only replays or? Edit: Make twitch account - you can livestream videos there and then automatically upload them to youtube.
  9. Hey, nice quality of the videos!! I also used to stream and will most probably come back. Some advices - get partnership with youtube, make custom images for your videoclips (like I have done, you can check my channel) http://www.youtube.com/user/SmartCrafty Create facebook page to attract people. Btw what do u think about the quality of my videos. I know it's not perfect, but is it satisfying/watchable/not so satisfying/terrible? Also we can play together and do a commentary together if u like?
  10. At least in a zombie apocalypse I won't be targeted by zombies. Who's laughing now???
  11. If there was an award for the most useless posts made by a single user, it would undoubtedly go to "donttouchmypill"
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