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  1. Wowza, big changelog. Good job!
  2. There's no option to reply to that thread at the top or bottom (on mobile at least) for me. Actually I can't reply to any threads in the storm Herald sub forum.
  3. Sorry to hijack thread but... can you allow us to post on the most recent change log thread?
  4. There should be Temple Siege, which was a 3v3 DotA style game and you do have spells, you just need to hotkey your hero and some buildings though.
  5. Is it too late to make the map diagonal in the other direction? :D Or make mid horizontal to match HotS
  6. So like what, runs around planting wards and maybe topping off the laners with hp/energy? I feel like they'll be suuuper behind in levels, but I guess ideally they'd be able to teleport.
  7. Oh yea, mid is screwed lol. Dual lane mid incoming! Honestly looks like it might be harder than 'hard lane'.
  8. Oh please don't ask SayMyName for reasoning... Essay incoming.
  9. I feel like it will be challenging to balance. Let's just introduce mounts instead :)
  10. So Ecko got rid of boots because they were an item everyone needed and they simply limited your end build to 5 items. What are your thoughts on that?
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