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  1. Ranged Int Hero Model: TBD Role: Support/Offlaner STR: 32+2 AGI: 20+4 INT: 31+9 Weap damage:60 Attack range:5 Attack speed: 1.9 Passive: Watch your back Part 1: If he attacks you while ur backs turned, he deals 130% damage. Part 2: If the in game timer ever reaches the 1 hr 35 minute mark Backstabber may "Insta-gib" any ally who has his back turned to him, jumping over to the enemy team, making the game a 6v4 and incurring a 50% increased respawn penalty to the ally who trusted him. Q: generic, throw some random shap out and it d
  2. -- Lurker, an autobiography by Grasshead.
  3. it is honestly not hard to see that penthos is broken, sure hes got a 44% winrate, but his top counters are in every single game, toxi and jackson. you were even in a game the other day where the enemy team basically had 5 counters to penthos, and i still had the most damage out and in. you not only have to see the numbers, but also put thought and reasoning behind it. sure our team was stacked. but i laned vs toxi and jackson my two top counters, as a hero originally designed to be a jungler/ganker. i not only survived the lane, i flourished. killed them both multiple times. like you said
  4. this isnt about win percentages. this is about playing the game and encountering these strategies over and over. photodeviator should cost more, and give less damage reduction. or you could rework it to give one second of free cloak no matter what, and if your character deals any sort of damage after that the cloak will be removed. rancors base movespeed should be down to 3.0 and cloak should give 5%/10%/15%/20% nuke current health scaling down to 5% - int scaling up to 75% penthos q damage up to 10/20/30/40 per s scaling down to 20/25/30/35% fenix ult cd to 120s all levels
  5. tetra wouldnt be as big of an issue if every carry didnt have mobility out the butt carries by default move faster than other heroes, and most carries also have a mobility ability alongside that, making it very easy to dominate a fight with tetra.
  6. i know quistmann loves his "support" rancor, but rancors weakness used to be him being squishy, while his strengths were range, speed, and cloak. now there is no risk in playing rancor, he literally cannot be killed with a tank build. good range, good speed, good damage, good stun. carry a truesight and its gg. if enemy kills you, you are probably missing a brain. the effectiveness of being tanky is also a bit too much right now, to the point where public games are no longer worth playing, every game people spam the low cost/high value tank items and become basically unkillable. sh
  7. Maybe it should at least silence you while you are immune
  8. Saber.Vulkan [Nuker, Disabler, Support] thats how you know this hero will be op
  9. they both like support, they both compile data, but who is the better IH captain? id say quist cuz hes NA player
  10. peeky: when you tame it, wanders the map with 1.5 move speed for 1-2 mins with 7 sight range flying vision, then plants itself into the ground and increases gradually to a wards sight range with flying vision over 1 min. lasts 6 minutes once planted. It is visible and dies in one hit once planted, otherwise invulnerable.
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