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  2. https://www.cranleigh.church/anthony-badgley/ If anyone wants to see his funeral. Corsa used to attend church every week 😂 Ah man I wish I could take the piss out of him for this. EDIT: On a more serious note I do remember him telling me about visiting the 3rd world for humanitarian reasons 4-5 years ago as part of a mission. I thought it was a troll attempt at sexors with poor people.. But it kinda hit, when I saw his funeral and realised he was fully serious and had actually gone in the past. Low key he did some brilliant stuff in his community.
  3. Sorry for your loss, knew him briefly but my condolences.
  4. Naiwato


    Hello I am Naiwato. I've been playing for a few months, since about October last year I think? Well whatever. As many of you know, I'm Megastar's older brother and I have a dog. My dog's name is Loki, he's a whippet, and I could show a picture of what he looks like, but I won't for now. I go to school, but I kind of don't go to school at the same time, so I have quite a bit of free time to do pretty much whatever I want to, so my parents force me to take care of our dog by walking him every day because they don't want to do it. Sometimes I draw things, and I've been thinking of drawing a
  5. That would unintentionally buff INT Lurker since the backlash won't impact his R speed anymore. This is interesting. Although the startups are identical last I checked, but I can see the merit in increasing the projectile speed. This is an SC2 thing I believe since once he is unburrowed he has no "weapon", therefore everything extending from said weapon is deactivated. It's the same reason why when you kill a tower while its projectile is in mid-travel, it won't deal damage. The weapon no longer exists. I made a note to double check to see if there is a work around la
  6. Hello, fellow players of a great starcraft 2 arcade game. I have a few issues that I want to address, as the representative, leader, and only member of the EU clan <PubEU>, or pubbers. 1. My thoughts on the current meta I have played several games where tanks have more than twice as much damage out as their carries, making them essentially a one man team with small damage support. There's a few reasons as to why this happens. First, carries were nerfed. Simultaneously, tanks were indirectly buffed by carry nerfs, and some were directly buffed while a new core anti DPS
  7. -- Lurker, an autobiography by Grasshead.
  8. Lurker currently stands as the fastest jungler with his AOE, cancel-able autoattacks, hatchet multiprocs, and movespeed. He is also the safest jungler, as despite not having much in the way of escape mechanics, he is able to maintain a high HP value due to Hatchet and Devour. AA Lurker however still remains to be an outlier pick. He currently stands with a 1.79% pickrate (and an insignificant 75% winrate). This is understandable. Lurker is not like other auto attack carries, or other champs in general; we know this. The first glaring difference is his requirement to burrow to attack. This
  9. The concept I have for her is an agility hero, but this is good.
  10. Model: Jinara/Malash, personally think Malash's armor is cooler Autoattack: Regular High templar attack animation from lotv and uses alarak's anti air lightning from coop Heroic Passive: Ascending Power After hitting a enemy hero, gain a stack of Ascending Power per ability cast, can have up to 3. Basic attacking will consume a stack, but will allow you to gain 45% attack speed and deal an additional 20% int spell damage to the primary target and enemies around it. You heal for 100% of this bonus damage (20% int) dealt and reduce your cooldowns by 1-2 seconds depending on level
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  12. I know old Rules! 4-BAN- 3 PICK - 2 BAN - 2 PICK. Now has total 77 Heroes. New: 3 Ban - 3 pick - 2 ban - 2 pick. Hmm 77 heroes are too many! But i like Captains Pick! ! Thank you, Mother.
  13. I am annoyed with people banging on about the stats being good on Tetra. They are BAD I agree with revision that the combination with highly mobile ranged DPS is annoying but as mother alluded to this will be fixed by more items/heroes that pierce spell immunity. For reference in dota: https://dota2.gamepedia.com/Spell_immunity/Enemy_Interactions Several of these are AoE or single target stuns. With the changes at the moment nerfing dps heroes I think it would be really bad to remove Tetra purely because at the moment people are drafting heavy spell damage wombo combo
  14. it is honestly not hard to see that penthos is broken, sure hes got a 44% winrate, but his top counters are in every single game, toxi and jackson. you were even in a game the other day where the enemy team basically had 5 counters to penthos, and i still had the most damage out and in. you not only have to see the numbers, but also put thought and reasoning behind it. sure our team was stacked. but i laned vs toxi and jackson my two top counters, as a hero originally designed to be a jungler/ganker. i not only survived the lane, i flourished. killed them both multiple times. like you said
  15. The problem is with Toxi's interaction with Photo. The item itself has not been exploited by any other hero this way and has not demonstrated itself to be a problem with any other hero. If anything, Toxi would be nerfed not Photo in this specific situation, especially in light of his >60% winrate. I think the win percentages are a solid point of reference. Keyword being 'a' as they are not the only one used to make assessments. In the context of being mentioned here, it shows that these heroes are on average performing well in competitive but not broken. If one strategy begins
  16. this isnt about win percentages. this is about playing the game and encountering these strategies over and over. photodeviator should cost more, and give less damage reduction. or you could rework it to give one second of free cloak no matter what, and if your character deals any sort of damage after that the cloak will be removed. rancors base movespeed should be down to 3.0 and cloak should give 5%/10%/15%/20% nuke current health scaling down to 5% - int scaling up to 75% penthos q damage up to 10/20/30/40 per s scaling down to 20/25/30/35% fenix ult cd to 120s all levels
  17. Int Toxi + Photo existed for a very long time. Likely only coming into view now because DPS items became more expensive. You didn't mention this before though and seemed fine to use it yourself when necessary. However Toxi is sitting at 63% winrate this season, but it's hard to tell right now if this is INT or DPS Toxi. I believe it is the latter since INT Toxi didn't trend until the 3.1 patch cycle started earlier this month. Fenix damage scalings were all nerfed in the mid-season patch 3.11. Fenix sits at a 47% winrate this season. Penthos sits at a 44% winrate this season. Rancor w
  18. tetra wouldnt be as big of an issue if every carry didnt have mobility out the butt carries by default move faster than other heroes, and most carries also have a mobility ability alongside that, making it very easy to dominate a fight with tetra.
  19. i know quistmann loves his "support" rancor, but rancors weakness used to be him being squishy, while his strengths were range, speed, and cloak. now there is no risk in playing rancor, he literally cannot be killed with a tank build. good range, good speed, good damage, good stun. carry a truesight and its gg. if enemy kills you, you are probably missing a brain. the effectiveness of being tanky is also a bit too much right now, to the point where public games are no longer worth playing, every game people spam the low cost/high value tank items and become basically unkillable. sh
  20. I love the simple and intuitive bracket-style graphic. It makes the whole process very clear for visual learners.
  21. Hello Everyone, Following our update to Hero Selection, our collaboration with the immensely talented SC2 Mapster Eclipse inevitably had to lead towards the creation of the long sought after Captains Pick game mode. An expression of Aeon of Storms designed and catered specifically for the more hardcore inhouse community that has been simplified and made easily understandable so that anyone can learn and become a Captain for their team now. Captains Pick follows the standard drafting format that our community has used for many years in inhouses and tournaments, where one player from each te
  22. The item provides quite a bit of damage etc by it's own which means it's not a big dmg output trade off that you are doing to get it. Instead you are likely to do a hell lot of more during a team fight as you are more likely to actually survive an entire team fights due to the item. In addition you are likely to absorbing a lot of more damage. The item would still be purchased even if it started off at the lowest duration time, this is probably a good nerf to start with.
  23. Maybe it should at least silence you while you are immune
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