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  2. Type: - Pusher / Support / Carry / Ranged Starting Stats: Starting Health – 600 Movement Speed – 3.2 Attack Range – 4,5 Attack Speed – 1,80 Starting Damage – 60 Base Armor.Resist – 15,5 % Base Spell Armor/Resist – 22,5% Strength – 27 + [5] Agility – 29 + [4] Intelligence – 34 + [6]*** __________________________________________________ Ignite Afterburners -W Cooldown: 30s. Hawk-Liberator gain a speed and acceleration boost to 60% for 4 seconds (Blue Gene) Activate / Deactivate (After Deactivate, Cooldwown 10 seconds.)
  3. Name: Devourer.Moloch Type: - Support / Nuker / Disabler   Starting Stats: Starting Health – 640 Movement Speed – 2.9 Attack Range – 6.75 Attack Speed – 2.15 Starting Damage – 65 Base Armor.Resist – 18.4% Base Spell Armor/Resist – 18.4% Strength – 30 + [4] Agility – 21 + [3] Intelligence – 39` + [8]*** __________________________________________________ [Heroic] - [Eater of Dreams] Passive; 12u AoE Moloch delights in watching the hopes and dreams of his enemies turn to despondence! Whenever an Enemy
  4. Name: Executrix.Ji'nara Type: - Carry / Nuker   Starting Stats: Starting Health – 576 Movement Speed – 3.25 Attack Range – 6 Attack Speed – 1.85 Starting Damage – 56 Base Armor.Resist – 22.4% Base Spell Armor/Resist – 11.9% Strength – 22 + [5] Agility – 42 + [6]*** Intelligence – 26` + [4] __________________________________________________ [Heroic] - [Diabolic Ascension] Passive Whenever Ji'nara uses any of her Active Abilities, she gains stacking Armor Penetration and Spell Penetration for a Durat
  5. v3.41-50 (v3.41-50 EU / v3.41-50 KR) Game - Added Executrix.Jinara. (Updated v3.50) - Added Devourer.Moloch. (Updated v3.50) - Night time vision reduction decreased to -6 from -7. - The Starting Base Health and Energy (excludes Attributes) for all heroes has been readjusted for all heroes to be 400 and 200 respectively from previously ranging from 315-390 and 150-220. - Addressed various bugs. (v3.42-3.50) - Updated Help [F12]. (v3.43) Items Darksteel Titan - Parry 3 Unique now has a damage cap of 200 per proc. Darw
  6. I stand with my breddas in Afrika
  7. Please can you remove @Yaldifrom this list. Unfortunately while he's never had any hands, he's also lost his sight through being a boomer. In his place I recommend @PurePsycho
  8. Lol under-rated comment. To this day if I go onto Discord I'm pretty sure I'd hear SMN say this
  9. v3.38 (v3.38 EU / v3.38 KR) Game - AoS Tournament Winners and Runner-ups granted their respective badges and titles. - Addressed various bugs. Items Eternal Drive - Movement Speed Buff/Debuff increased to 20% gained/lost for active duration. Flare Gun - Price increased to 1500 from 1000. - Cooldown reduced to 70 from 75. - Active energy cost increased to 125 from 50. Magus Cutlass - Wrath 1 unique reduced to 0.75 from 0.825 attack range bonus. - Decay 1 Unique Damage over time reduced to 10% INT pe
  10. Wtf guys, this game is still going strong?!?
  11. he's just too damn op! ❤️
  12. v3.31-36 (v3.31-36 EU / v3.31-36 KR) Game - Updated Help section [F12]. (v3.35) - Addressed various bugs. (v3.32-36) Talents Haste - No longer disables Movement Speed Limit. (v3.35) Neutral Creeps Daggoth - Ancient Daggoth now has a 50% chance of dropping a Blue Gene Isolate (lasts 300s) upon death after 50 minutes. Sentinel’s Safeguard (T3 Neutral Pickup) - Dropped from the Prototype Enforcer after 50 minutes. - Spawns an Arch-Sentinel for the player for 5 minutes upon pickup. The Arch-Sentinel has 3000
  13. Name: Evolution.Abathur Model: Abathur / Swarm Host Role:Ranged/Support/Nuker Heroic Passive: Overmind "Abathur's basic abilities become evolved once they reach max level, giving them a unique additional effect." -- Q Spell: Toxic binding "Abathur shackles the target enemy unit slowing their movespeed down by 60% for 1s-2s (scaling with levels put into spell). When Toxic Binding hits an enemy, the projectile shackles to terrain or enemy units in a line behind the target stunning them for 2s - 4s. If the shackles latch onto an enemy hero, the secondary target is also stunned for the s
  14. I have updated the data in the link
  15. Early-mid game skirmishes will be a lot more interesting this patch
  16. v3.25-30 (v3.25-30 EU / v3.25-30 KR) Game - Updated Hero Selection Screen ‘Bios’ for all heroes with new ‘Complexity’ and ‘Lore’. (Note: I would like to thank HarryHoot and Tynamo for their contributions to the lore for some of the heroes.) - Now Melee Heroes or Ranged Heroes with ranges below 4.5 can attack and destroy wards on ward spots from within 5u radius (requires 2 attacks/clicks). - Team Symbols/Decals that appeared with most abilities will now only appear in Free Pick game mode (Note: This is because there are no duplicate heroes in other game modes. Some it
  17. This is actually really really well made. 🙂
  18. The Hoot. Once again a creative genius. 👍🤓
  19. Model: Ihan-rii/Purifier Dark Templar Role: Agility melee carry/ melee spell caster Heroic Passive: The Balanced Path Whenever Varker dies, he switches between forms and can only do it via dying. Blessed: Varker deals 20% more weapon damage every 3rd attack or ability that has struck a enemy in any combination. Has a 25% death timer reduction. Bloody: Varker converts 75% of his physical damage into spell damage on auto attacks. gains 75-500 (scaling with level) max health. (converts critical strikes into spell damage, but not other sources of physical damage)
  20. AoS has ward spots scattered all over the map. Ward spots are elevated areas of the terrain that are pathable enough for ward placement (e.g. Sentry Wards and Truesight Wards). The elevated nature of Ward Spots means that they allow Sentry Wards to have unobstructed vision of the area. Additionally, Ward Spots further increase the vision range of Sentry Wards by 3u-radius, up to 19u-radius! What makes them even more ideal spots for warding is the fact that to deward them, you require: 1- High ground vision of the area. 2- True Sight (Note: Truesight Wards will reveal all e
  21. What I know; It is known that spell penetration works by portioning a certain percentage of spell damage output unaffected by spell resist (not immunity) For example for 100 spell damage dealt, a 20% spell penetration will set aside 20 spell damage. The other 80 damage will be calculated against spell resist. At 50% spell resist, this means only 40 spell damage will be dealt of this resisted portion. The net spell damage total is 60 damage This is inferior to spell amplification of an identical amount until the target reaches 50% spell resist, at which point both methods
  22. Thanks for all your hard work on this lots of fun to come from it 😄
  23. Hello everyone, With the release of the first patch of Summer, comes a new gameplay feature to Aeon of Storms that has been in development for many months. Masteries are here to help heroes change and adapt their skill builds to the needs of each battle. Each of AoS's heroes are receiving several linear upgrades unique to them that players can choose at levels 1, 5, 10, 15, and finally 20. With over 380 Masteries added, ranging from special bonuses to powerful augmentations to existing abilities, players will now have to consider more carefully the order of their skill builds in relation
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