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  3. Do you calculated also how much points less he lost? All i know that previous season from rank 6-12 i dropped to below rank or something around 44 when stopped playing (after point changes, also thx afk penalty points for not playing longer period). Thats what happened. Not even mentioning how overall points in the league skyrocketed to like 2k. So like your theory ends here. Its so easy to earn points. Infalation is real. From what you wrote you can earn around 30 points (+10 for a game) and lose 10 (-10 points). If you want you just play on weekends and you need to be basically abov
  4. You dont see two Elo's because I only ever show one because if you show two people get confused. For example, Spooky currently has a true Elo of 1514.08686, but this is not the number you would see on the leaderboard If he were on it (nobody is yet). The number you would see there would be... 1579.087 (Leaderboard Elo) = 1514.08686 (True Elo) + 10 (Elo game bonus [5 games with 2 pts each]) + 15 (Sunday game bonus [5 games with 3 pts each]) + 40 (badge bonus [Spooky currently holds 2 of the 6 badges for best win rate for a given role]) The Leaderboard Elo is used to determine your ran
  5. Avatar Xada-Hgla Melee Str Hero Support/Tank Model: Changeling Stats: Str:33+6 Agi:33+6 Int:33+6 Weapon damage:60 Attack interval: 2.0s Range: Melee Hp:600 physical resistance:22.2% spell resistance:22.2% Xada-Hgla is the avatar of Azathoth, it follows Azathoth to fight any enemy against it. Xada-Hgla can change the structure of itself to overcome different positions, it can also apply this power on other creatures, to strengthen its allies and weaken the enemy. T: Remodeling Passive:
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  7. Not necessarily true. You can see the percentage of games players participated in, and higher participation does not mean higher rank on the leaderboard. Some of the top players did not participate as often as you may think, very little in fact, but when they did they played better than everyone else. Your standing in the leaderboard ultimately has to do with your win/loss ratio vs the win/loss ratio of others (but also not breaking the rules of the competition). Quality not quantity. Of course the more you play, the better your understanding of the game's present meta and the habits of
  8. Why not that will be new hero A.R.E.S? christmas gifts?
  9. Good news for all players! Reason: 3 new heroes are coming! Have Fun! @MOTHER, do you work as a designer and with some talented artists? I like art! I don't have a good time for drawing somehow! I'm busy at work and too home! I often ride my bike, I always go somewhere! I want Tychus to do rework! Tychus is kind of okay!
  10. Hero: Superior Nasadak Melee Int hero Model: A high templar with dark templar’s blade as weapon. Str: 20+4 Agi: 38+6 Int: 40+8 Weapon Damage: 55 Attack interval: 2.0s Range: Melee Hp: 530 (After counting str) Physical resistance: 25% Spell resistance: 15% Nasadak is a noble protoss who is born with great psi-power, but he could not use feedback and psi-storm like other high templars. One day when he was boring playing some collections of unknown origin in his family, his psi-power resona
  11. There are (trust me we have discussed all this with Justice), if you look on the Team creator tab to the right of it there is a Player list that lists their ELO rank. This ordering is based on the "True ELO" which has no added bonuses. It is hard to show just now since Justice has reset things for season 2 but the best example is Megastar you can see on this list he was Rank number 5 which is purely based on him winning and losing games so when you use the Team creator it is unaffected by any "bonus" ELO However, on the Leaderboard he wasn't within the top 5 at the end of season 1 du
  12. ???? What i dont understand. There are no 2 seperate elo's. Where do you see that? The entire thing is called "AoS Elo League Season 2" which is misleading. It should not be simply called elo. I agree it is some sort of a league and it should be called something like a league, but not as an elo system. It is as simple as that. That entire thing feels for me almost like giving away money in politics election to bribe people even if it fks everything and is extremly bad in long term for everybody, but whatever. I mean why not then like +100 points for each winning match and 0 for
  13. @SayMyName I think you are slightly misunderstanding. There are 2 Seperate (but related ELOs) 1. The True ELO determines selection within the Team Creator. 2. The "Vanity" Elo determines where you finish on the leader board and only impacts end of season rewards. These are affected by bonus ELO for playing during the events on Sat and Sunday. And penalties for rage quitting etc.
  14. Honestly i hate all the most important changes to the elo system. Last time it completly made me lost motivation for it and i just stopped playing inhouses (in a true competetive way). What i mean is, that the system just favorites the players who have the most time and play the most, it is not true elo/mmr system that shows actually how good a certain player is, team or whatever. I will be really harsh, but for me its an abomination at this point. Calling it an elo system, which is just a lie. To represent that: Ranked Players that have not played any Elo ranked games for more tha
  15. Dr. Zerg, a Terran that became infested by the Zerg or a powerful Changeling that prefers masquerading as a Terran scientist, has appeared in the Imperial Sanctum to fight for his own ends. The motives for his appearance at the Imperial Sanctum is just as mysterious as his origin. Speculations says that Dr. Zerg is here to gain control over the "power spots" as he mentions to his allies. Regardless, anyone that is facing Dr. Zerg must prepare for his bag of tricks and one big surprise. Model: Dominion trooper SCV with a ranged attack of a devourer Heroic Passive: Giga-Transformation
  16. Harry heroes harry heroes
  17. Greetings everyone, After a much needed albeit short-lived hiatus from development, I'm happy to return and share with you some news you can look forward to over the coming months of summer. To kickstart the season, we'll be releasing an all-encompassing (re)balance and content update sometime this month. Beyond being just a refresher on aspects of the terrain, item builds, and game balance, this update focuses on bringing some of the classic AoS heroes in line with the modern era of the game, as well as introducing some new elements to the gameplay for everyone. Following this, and
  18. Decay is going to screw me but I am personally very glad to see that and other tweaks to the AOS Elo system -- I think these changes will help create more equal matchups. I'm looking forward to the new season!
  19. This reminds me, I have only made two noobhouses happen, really sad, I'll get to organizing a new one sooner or later.
  20. Good Day All, I am happy to announce that the AoS Elo League Season 2 will start this coming Sunday 5/9/2021 and will go through 8/29/2021. Starting on 5/8/2021 and until after the end of the day on 8/29/2021, All eligible Elo IH games played up until that point will count towards your seasonal ranking. For season 2, we will again be handing out special prizes to participants! All Players who make it onto the leaderboard (have played at least 10 games during the season) will receive a league badge and colored name based on their ending Elo. Top 3 Ranked Players: Grand Masters
  21. Hey, I've checked all the heroes, what's missing line! I took some screenshots. Before and After (improvement and example) Kerri Q (See below) / Bio Q / TBone Q / Vorpal Q,E,R / Cain Q / Khyrak Q and R / Volkov W?! / Zeratul Q / Toxi Q / Alpha E!? / Avenger Q and R / Warfield Q and W / Arcal Q and R (mini map) / Vega Q and R / Raynor E and R (See below) / Axion Q and R / Vorazun Q / Erekul Passiv and Q(5u) / Dustin Q / Maar Ex2?! / Jakk E / Greelus R (Direction) / Stukov Q / Antharax Q / Kuradel W and R (Direction) / Corona Q
  22. @NoWaterJustIce Thanks for the information! Yeah it seems like a lot of people still playing, That's great. @MOTHER ¡thanks for the reply! Yeah i was invited by some people to play some IH elo matchmaking on eu server but at the moment I prefer to stay on NA and practice a bit more. Yeah im thinking to give it time to announcement like 1 or 2 months. Im searching at the moment how to use the bracket and learning about streaming and other things 🙂 At the moment idk how many good players are on both servers. But yeah i think it's not necessary to use a clan at this poin
  23. Discord is central to the community now, but I agree that a tournament announcement would have to be made here. We can also make it on Facebook where we still retain a large following. If you give it enough time between the announcement and the end of registration, something very real could form. Whatever the case Mr. Anonymous, I think a lot of players who remember you will be happy to see you return to the our humble inhouse circuit. 🙂
  24. Welcome back. There are enough people, but they are not organized into clans or known groups of 4-5 which means it will make it difficult to create teams with fair conditions unless you separate all the top tier players who could easily just form a super team if you don't. Hypothetically if such a fair and competitive tournament were possible today, and you and others were willing to organize it, I can show support in many ways least of which being significantly raising the starting prize pool (Thinking $500-1k). Currently the competition we started running is the AoS Elo Season, a 3-
  25. @RRR Based on the results of season 1, (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13k8Uv3etWcnaQaspIh-fCxYhnIsg_mIy6UbgogdMQH4/edit#gid=775961416) there were 50 people who played 10 or more games from January to the end of March. Some of those are more active than others, but it would probably be possible to get 5-6 teams.
  26. ¡Hey John nice to see you! Yeah i found there's a discord channel now But think for a tournament announcement should i use again forums like old days. i'm working right now on the video for a quick promo, but would like to now if there's enough people for at least 4 - 5 teams. Making too a animated bracket and have previous work from an old template to use it for replays to use like moba's tournament. I would like to stay anonymous for a while 🙂
  27. Hi RRR, It's a great idea, however it might be tought to set up a tournament if you are not recognized in the community. If you don't mind, would you like to introduce yourself? Perhaps there will be a few familiar faces around who knows you 🙂
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