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  2. Honestly, No MoAr mother heroes I'm glad for this conclusion
  3. Let me kickstart this by thanking everyone who made a submission to this contest. Both @NoWaterJustIce and myself were in your place nearly a decade ago, and going through each submission was a humbling and nostalgic opportunity to peer into the minds of the playerbase of today. With that said, Justice and I have concluded our evaluations of the Hero contest submissions. Each submission was graded based on 5 factors: Formatting/Presentation (10%), Clarity/Simplicity (10%), Originality/Uniqueness (30%), Synergy/Elegance (30%), and Fun Factor (20%). Originally, we planned to have a tie-b
  4. @MOTHER Wer ist Sieger Wettbewerb?
  5. As part of our first major Spring release next month, we've been working again with long time AoS collaborator and talented designer @AlleyV to produce a treasure trove of new alt models, covering every remaining hero in the game - That's 82 heroes then! More than two dozen alt models are being developed for the 3.60 mega-patch, bringing us full circle just in time for our 12th anniversary. Below is a preview of some of our work together. Check back soon for more updates!
  6. Name: Cyber. Hostkula Portrait: Cerberus Swarm Host Model: Cerberus Swarm Host with a Cerberus Infestation Pit on back Type: Strength Summoner that also relies on abilities. Script: Hostkula was an swarm host that Abathur stolen from Dehaka's pack when the Primal Zerg joined the swarm, despite Abathur's disgust of the Primal Zerg replicating units such as the Hydralisk and the Roach, he cannot deny their terrifying potential to adapt. Hostkula was experimented upon by Abathur with a specific design in mind. Improve the evolutionary potential within all zerg fro
  7. Name: Natos.Hailstorm Portrait: Unit Base: Dominion Rocket Trooper Type: Carry, Ranged Starting Stats: Base Health – 400 Movement Speed – 3.1 Attack Range – 6 / 7 Attack Speed – 2 Base Damage – 40 Attack Name | Animation - Ferromag SMG / Hailstorm Launcher Base Armor / Spell Armor – 16%, 14% Strength – 25 +2 Agility – 35 +9 Intelligence – 30 +4 -- Heroic Passive: Guuuns Effect: Passive: Natus standard a-click/right-click becomes a single shot with a fixed weapon spe
  8. Tolus Role: Initiator, Disabler, Tank, Support, Melee Starting Stats: Starting Health – 600 Movement Speed – 2,80 Attack Range – 1,8 Attack Speed – 2,0 Starting Damage – 50 Base Armor.Resist – 22,0% Base Spell Armor/Resist – 16,0% Strength – 35 + [8]*** Agility – 25 + [3] Intelligence – 32 + [4] Passiv Every 3rd Basic Attack against the same enemy deals 50% bonus damage and Stuns them for 0.25 seconds. Darkcoil (Q) (Target Area; Cast range: 4 / 4,5 / 5 / 5,5 - 2u AoE) Cooldown: 18/17/16/15 Energ
  9. Name: Billy Miner Portrait: Miner Unit Base: Miner Type: Intelligence (Support, Disabler, Melee) Lore: β€žBilly is a miner from the dominion colony Mar Sara. He, as most of his friends, were forced to go into the mines to search one of the most precious stones in the universe – the Khala stones. The harsh environment for the workers exhausted most of them – 15 hours per day working (the day there is 27 hours), some of them even lost their lives there. As for Billy he was the most successful miner – despite he hasn't found the Stone, he found
  10. Valerian Mengsk Unit Base: Valerian Mengsk Type: Agility Lore: Valerian Mengsk is the son of Arcturus Mengsk and the crown prince of the dominion. He uses the resources available to him to search for Xel'naga artifacts, and has found a prophecy that indicates that Kerrigan will play a vital role in an upcoming fight. He is now trying to find a way to de-infest her, and his search has brought him to the fight inside the imperial sanctums. Starting Stats: Base Health: 400 Movement Speed: 3.2 Attack Range: 2.5u Attack Speed: 1.8 Base Damage: 56 Base Armor: 18% physical resistance 20% spell
  11. Name: Scout.Mojo Portrait:or Unit Base: Please get the model with the halo on the back if possible Type:Agility Lore:Praetor Mojo was captured by a terran, Alan Schezar, on Aiur. Imprisoned within a stasis cell, he was still able to contact an Alpha Squadron commander, embroiled in battle against Schezar's Scavengers, and request a rescue. The scavengers however, had captured a zerg cerebrate and were using it to help with smuggling operations. The scavengers found khaydarin crystal technology and were planning to capture another cerebrate with it. After while of some rescuing and fighting
  12. Hero Biography Name: Adari.Urenzis Portrait: Experimented Hybrid with Void Stasis and Alarak Sacrifice glazes Model: Experimented Hybrid with Void Stasis and Alarak Sacrifice glazes Type: Caster carry, Zone controller Lore: Adari, like many other Hybrids comes from the Void. Their only purpose is to spread Void and Amon's will upon entire Koprulu sector, as well as to drag some worthy to the Void itself. Since their creation, Adari has been trapped by Terrans, and experimented upon. Terrans were satisfied with the findings they managed to discover, until an accident ha
  13. @NoWaterJustIce I decide and choose 2 hero suggestions -> Ulezarj "Dark Archorn" -> Tolus
  14. Name: Howard Duke Portrait: Edmund Duke (if possible, if not -> Shock Division) Unit Base: Shock Division Type: Strenght (Bruiser, Disabler, Pusher, Ranged) Lore: β€žSergeant Howard Duke is the eldest son of General Edmund Duke. He was taught how to deal up with a tank and was β€žgood ol'fashioned disciplinedβ€œ by his father. Howard was recruited by Mengsk and became a part of the most secret special forces of the Dominion. After his father's death Duke's son have sworn to revenge him and started hunting Kerrigan. Since then he became the mo
  15. There was a glorious time where our great developer wasn't developing, but simply playing AOS with the rest of us Scrubs. Where Mother drafts were winning games at the draft page, and people were complaining about game balance of the ferocious Queen. Where we all were able to rage each game about balance, why cow sucked as a mage, how spooky wasn't a Maar player and Major G would rage for hours on end. Bring back Mother to AOS as the community needs these wonderful rage times, and the calm voice of a developer who enjoys good banter.
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