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  2. I have updated the data in the link
  3. Early-mid game skirmishes will be a lot more interesting this patch
  4. v3.25-30 (v3.25-30 EU / v3.25-30 KR) Game - Updated Hero Selection Screen ‘Bios’ for all heroes with new ‘Complexity’ and ‘Lore’. (Note: I would like to thank HarryHoot and Tynamo for their contributions to the lore for some of the heroes.) - Now Melee Heroes or Ranged Heroes with ranges below 4.5 can attack and destroy wards on ward spots from within 5u radius (requires 2 attacks/clicks). - Team Symbols/Decals that appeared with most abilities will now only appear in Free Pick game mode (Note: This is because there are no duplicate heroes in other game modes. Some it
  5. This is actually really really well made. 🙂
  6. The Hoot. Once again a creative genius. 👍🤓
  7. Model: Ihan-rii/Purifier Dark Templar Role: Agility melee carry/ melee spell caster Heroic Passive: The Balanced Path Whenever Varker dies, he switches between forms and can only do it via dying. Blessed: Varker deals 20% more weapon damage every 3rd attack or ability that has struck a enemy in any combination. Has a 25% death timer reduction. Bloody: Varker converts 75% of his physical damage into spell damage on auto attacks. gains 75-500 (scaling with level) max health. (converts critical strikes into spell damage, but not other sources of physical damage)
  8. AoS has ward spots scattered all over the map. Ward spots are elevated areas of the terrain that are pathable enough for ward placement (e.g. Sentry Wards and Truesight Wards). The elevated nature of Ward Spots means that they allow Sentry Wards to have unobstructed vision of the area. Additionally, Ward Spots further increase the vision range of Sentry Wards by 3u-radius, up to 19u-radius! What makes them even more ideal spots for warding is the fact that to deward them, you require: 1- High ground vision of the area. 2- True Sight (Note: Truesight Wards will reveal all e
  9. What I know; It is known that spell penetration works by portioning a certain percentage of spell damage output unaffected by spell resist (not immunity) For example for 100 spell damage dealt, a 20% spell penetration will set aside 20 spell damage. The other 80 damage will be calculated against spell resist. At 50% spell resist, this means only 40 spell damage will be dealt of this resisted portion. The net spell damage total is 60 damage This is inferior to spell amplification of an identical amount until the target reaches 50% spell resist, at which point both methods
  10. Thanks for all your hard work on this lots of fun to come from it 😄
  11. Hello everyone, With the release of the first patch of Summer, comes a new gameplay feature to Aeon of Storms that has been in development for many months. Masteries are here to help heroes change and adapt their skill builds to the needs of each battle. Each of AoS's heroes are receiving several linear upgrades unique to them that players can choose at levels 1, 5, 10, 15, and finally 20. With over 380 Masteries added, ranging from special bonuses to powerful augmentations to existing abilities, players will now have to consider more carefully the order of their skill builds in relation
  12. Abysmal.Ravager Mastery (Level 1) +5 Strength, Agility, and Intelligence. Mastery (Level 5) +0.75u AoE On Bile Storm [Q]. Mastery (Level 10) +10 Health and Energy Regeneration. Mastery (Level 15) Devil's Tongue [W] Stun Duration increased by 0.75s. Mastery (Level 20) Insufferable Presence [E] gives 2x Weapon Damage from Creep and Hero deaths. Alexei.Stukov Mastery (Level 1) +5 Strength, Agility, and Intelligence. Mastery (Level 5) +1u AoE on Searing Gestation [W]. Mastery (Level 10) Soulfire [Heroic] bonuses increased by 5%. Mastery (
  13. I think you can turn this concept around into a carry that can steal stats and resources from teammates and enemies alike.
  14. Ranged Int Hero Model: TBD Role: Support/Offlaner STR: 32+2 AGI: 20+4 INT: 31+9 Weap damage:60 Attack range:5 Attack speed: 1.9 Passive: Watch your back Part 1: If he attacks you while ur backs turned, he deals 130% damage. Part 2: If the in game timer ever reaches the 1 hr 35 minute mark Backstabber may "Insta-gib" any ally who has his back turned to him, jumping over to the enemy team, making the game a 6v4 and incurring a 50% increased respawn penalty to the ally who trusted him. Q: generic, throw some random shap out and it d
  15. Hey, if you need help with organization, I can help you set up, there're definitely better tools for tournaments now, so it would be a good opportunity to try for one this year.
  16. Model : Colossus - Sc2 animation, damage is instant on attack animation Agi/Range AA Heroic Passive: Koloss' auto attacks have true strike and cannot be dodged, when a target is hit by an attack or skill, they gain a mark of solar burn, at 4 marks, they are blinded for one second and healing is reduced by 50% for 5s. Koloss' Q launches 4 lasers that intersect on a single point designated by the player, applying 1 stack of solar burn per laser (blue dot), as shown in the masterpiece below. W grants 20/25/30/35 Move speed for 2,3,4,5 s, cannot be slowed while it i
  17. Nyon Ranged Str hero Model: Xanthos Role: Tank/Carry/Mage/Support After Xanthos got destroyed by Nova, Tal’darim manages to get the wreckage of it, and tries to rebuild it. However, Tal’darim is not familiar with Terran technology, they have to remove vulcan blaster, fighter bay and missile bay from the original design and create a smaller version of Xanthos. After the construction done, Alarak inserts four brave Tal’darim soldier's spirits into the machine, an ascendant into the flamethrower, a vanguard into the railgun, a blood hunter into the thruster, and Nyon, t
  18. v3.24 (v3.24 EU / v3.24 KR) General Game - Added Masteries into the game; Masteries are unique linear upgrades that replace the old generic hero stats (Y). They become available at levels 1, 5, 10, 15, and 20 for each hero and require a skill point to be upgraded. See details below. - Ban time increased to 60 seconds from 45 seconds. (Captains Pick). - Addressed various bugs Mechanics - XP bounty from hero kills changed to 25 + (60*Dying Hero's LVL) from 25 + (20*Dying Hero's LVL). - Hero XP ranges rescaled to 0/225/350/475/575/600/720/890/990/1090/1
  19. Clyde and Bonnie Melee agi hero and melee str hero Model: Dark Templar-Tal’darim (Clyde) Selendis-zealot form(Bonnie) Clyde is a criminal who committed several robbery and murdering, court of Tal’darim wants him to die painfully. They connect his soul to a lunatic and locked them in jail, waiting for the lunatic to tear him into pieces. However, the lunatic did not hurt Clyde and they cooperate in extremely clever way, they break jail in that night and escape from Tal’darim. Str: 30+5 Agi: 31+5 Int: 28+3 Weapon damage: 42 Attack r
  20. I mostly agree with what Major and SayMyName posted. Both of them get a bad rap for being.... er, "overly-dramatic" in game but I feel are largely correct in regards to this and should not just be brushed off. Aside from the frustration of hardly ever being able to get into a IH game nowadays, its pretty funny and mind-blowing how elitist and clique-ish behavior bleeds into even such a ridiculously small and insignificant community like AOS, a custom game within a free-to-play game. We currently have a select roster of 15 or so Elite players regularly being able to play games, gett
  21. Chuck T. Bone rework Character model larger. Alt skin with a fancy hat maybe?! HP - unchanged cept CD reduced too 1 sec. (already has a resource) Stats more STR less INT base and growth! More beef less grief! [Q] - Brownstone Fissure "TBone creates a wall of Portable Outhouses 14 units towards a target location, lasting 11 seconds, and dealing Spell Damage to nearby enemies. [if TBone is fully charged] TBone's wall splits in 2 directions, 9 units long, at an angle based on the target point. Also applies stacks of Echo if in between walls." S
  22. O my sweet baby Jesus how is this the first time I've read this. I was this years old I found this. But damn this is a gem.
  23. Of course man. Everything you said. Even when writing previous post i already thought everything about what you said here and how system just truly makes those on top to stay on top. If you look at it and get it deep and as a whole. It looks cool and promising, like bonus elo points, so weaker players have illusion that they can compete and it benefits them, when in reality it works in the opposite direction. Elite players have way more games organized, so easier inflation means staying on top more. Thats why i made comparision to politics, promises and bribes. Every next thing introduced is t
  24. I would like to add a view point from the back of the bus community in AoS pertaining to the new season. The no ELO for mix lobby games I feel (and I've spoken to some other players that share this sentiment) is a questionable move for the health of the community. Particularly newer players and even some of the mid pack players. The reason being, the lower level captain draft games depended on some elites/mods coming down from Mount ELOlmypus and mixing with us lowly mortals, while still counting for some ELO. This was a two-fold benefit, 1. some of the less skilled players got to pl
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