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Ward Spots (2.86)

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AoS has ward spots scattered all over the map. Ward spots are elevated areas of the terrain that are pathable enough for ward placement (e.g. Sentry Wards, Truesight Wards, and Controllers). 

The elevated nature of Ward Spots means that they allow Sentry Wards to have unobstructed vision of the area. Additionally, Ward Spots further increase the vision range of Sentry Wards by 1u-radius, up to 17u-radius!

What makes them even more ideal spots for warding is the fact that to deward them, you require:

1- High ground vision of the area.

2- True Sight (Note: Truesight Wards will reveal all enemy wards within 4u-radius, and Radar Kits will provide limited radar vision over enemy wards in the area).

3- A ranged attack or Hunter's Hatchet/Hunter's Knife (Note: the active can be used to deward).

The distribution of ward spots in AoS is not perfectly symmetrical, but it's relatively close. Use the map below to find out where they are. Ward spots have a white circle decal to clearly mark them (currently only visible in medium graphics settings and above). Another way of identifying them is that when you wish to place a ward on top of them, if the cursor turns yellow it means the placement is permitted.




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