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Changelog v2.64-2.73

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- Addressed various bugs (2.65-2.73).


- Added several minor cliffs in the jungles.


Soul Gem (Aeon)

- Grants +15 Health Regeneration for its duration.


Aegis Reflector

- Intelligence reduced to 35 from 40.

- Armor reduced to 20 from 22.

(Rework!) - 'Reflect' active now reflects 80% of all Physical and Spell Damage back to its source as Spell Damage from 85% of only Spell Damage.

- Reduced active duration to 4.5 seconds from 6.


Blue Gene

- Added a 'Perfect Mutation' Unique upgrade to the remaining heroes.


Darksteel Titan

- Parry 3 now procs on and reduces Physical Damage with Penetration from Enemy Heroes (Fix).



- Trauma 2 now reduces target Weapon Damage and Armor by 8 and 6 respectively, but steals only half that amount for 4 seconds (from full amount).


Electric Mantle 

(Rework!- 'Electric Current' active now procs on any Single Target Physical and/or Spell Damage; stunning for 1.65s and dealing back 150 (+25% Triggering Damage Attempted) Spell Damage. Can only proc once per enemy hero per cast. 


Galactic Defender

- Replaced 2x Sledgehammer components with 1 Hyperion Incinerator; Now grants 55 Weapon Damage from 50.

- Price increased to 3900 from 3850.


Isomorphic Pyre

- Unique has no effect on Map Bosses.


Nitrogen Retrofit (3000; NEW!)

Components: Stabilizer, Storm Pauldrons

+15 Strength

+15 Agility

+45 Intelligence

[Active - Flash Freeze; 7.5u Range] Roots the target enemy unit for 2.5 seconds, and Disables most Mobility abilities. 60 second cooldown; Cost 75 Energy.

(Note: The following 'Mobility' abilities are all disabled by Nitrogen Retrofit: Warp Shard Active, Vergil E/R, Darpa R, Avenger E, Dehaka Q, Penthos W, Fenix Q, Vorpal Q, Biotron W [before he burrows], Crackling Q, Viron W/R, Khyrak Q/R, Alarak Q/E, Cyprus E, Anthrax R, Boros R (Salsa), Leo V, Artanis Q, Vorazun Q, Zeratul Q, Shadow Q, Starscream E [before activation], Balrog Q, Turraneth E, Pyro E, Rob Q, Greelus V (Teleport), and Warfield E.)


Parallax Generator

- 'Endo Parallaxis' Unique cooldown reduced to 20 from 25.

- 'Exo Parallaxis' Unique cooldown reduced to 40 from 50.


Phantom Menace

- 'Phantasm' Unique bonus damage reduced to 20% from 25%.


Predator Tusk

- Replaced Sledgehammer component with 1 Quantum Spade; Now grants 15 Weapon Damage from 25.

- Price decreased to 1600 from 1750.


Retribution's Edge

- Parry 2 now procs on and reduces Physical Damage with Penetration from Enemy Heroes (Fix).


Smoldering Incisor

- Unique has no effect on Map Bosses.

Space Gem

- Cooldown reduced to 75 from 90.


Symphonic Seed

- 'Bloom' unique max stacks reduced to 4 from 5.

- Energy regen per second increased to 3.5% Max Energy from 3%.



- Replaced Sledgehammer component with 2x Quantum Spade.

- Trauma 1 now reduces target Weapon Damage and Armor by 6 and 4 respectively, but steals only half that amount for 4 seconds (from full amount).

- Max Stack count increased to 4 from 2.



- Primary Attribute reduced to 50 from 60.

- Weapon Damage reduced to 25 from 30.




W (Blue Gene) - AoE increased to 3.5u radius from 3.



R - Cooldown rescaled to 70/50/30 from 70.

- Energy cost rescaled to 125/175/225 from 175/200/225.



Q - Cooldown rescaled to 18/16/14/12 from 18/15/12/9.



HP/Q (Acid Spit) - Cooldown increased to 12 from 8.

- Updated visuals.

R - Using your Q and E abilities while burrowed will now temporarily reveal Brine to enemies. 

- Whenever Brine uses Acid Spit (Q) on a target enemy unit under the effect of Nether Assassin, he will automatically attack the target unit after.



W - Now gains Shields and Energy equal to 75% of the Energy absorbed from 100%.



Q - Energy cost increased to 45/50/55/65 from 25/35/45/55.

R (Blue Gene) - Reduced Health Regeneration bonus to +20 from +30.

- No longer grants +30% Physical Resistance.

- Puddle duration reduced to 18s from 25s.



Q (Blue Gene) - Stun Duration increases to 2s, and deals +25% Bonus Damage if the enemy is bleeding.



E - Ability cooldown is now disabled while it is active.



Q (Blue Gene) - Despotic Banelings now deal an additional 15 (+2.5% INT) Spell Damage at all levels.



R (Blue Gene) - Charge count increases to 6 from 5.



Q/R/AA (Blue Gene) - Corrosion duration increases to 3s from 2.

W - Cooldown rescaled to 29/26/23/20 from 20.



V (Blue Gene) - Cast time reduced to 0.75s from 1s.



HP - Shadow now also gains +10% Evasion during nighttime.

R - Evasion rescaled to 30/40/50% from 40/50/60%.



V (Self-detonation) - Countdown reduced to 1.5s from 2.5s. 

- Summers gains +3 Movement Speed during the countdown.

E (Proximity Mine; Blue Gene) - Increases base Spell Damage by 100 at all levels.

R (Blue Gene) - Increases base Spell Damage by 125 at all levels.



E - Armor reduced to 6/10/14/18 from 10/16/22/28.

- Energy cost increased to 100 at all levels from 60/70/80/90.



W - No longer procs of any Mercenary Unique (Moebius Coil/Perpetual Engine/Bandit's Artifice)



E - Can no longer target Massive Allied or Enemy Units.



Q/R - Judgement Cuts can only damage visible enemies now.


Yig (Rework!)

HP - Q replenishes 10% Max Energy per hero.

- W Replenishes 20% Max Energy from 25%.

Q - Now costs 15% Current Health from 30/40/50/60 + (10% Max Energy)

- No longer heals Yig.

W - Now costs 20% Max Energy instead of 30% Current Health

- Scaling Spell Damage changed to (+50% INT) (+15% Missing Health) from (+60% INT).

- Heals you for half Spell Damage dealt to non-heroic targets, and 2x the amount for Enemy Heroes.

E - Now provides target with 12/24/36/48 STR instead of 10/14/18/22 Armor and Spell Armor.

- Buff duration increased to 10s from 6s.

R - Now costs 30% Max Energy instead of 30% Current Health.



Q (Blue Gene) - Now applies 1 additional Unfolding Fate stack from +2 (Fix).

W - Scaling True Damage per stack reduced to 3% Target Missing Health from 3.75%.

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