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It's time for Aeon's Fall...

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First of all, I'd like to wish everyone in the community a Happy 9th anniversary for Aeon of Storms (NINE!?). Thank you everyone who played and everyone who still plays for keeping this great game going for so long.

To celebrate this happening, I'd like to share with you plans for Aeon's Fall...

September - We kick off with the release of one of the biggest patches of the year, complete with an item overhaul and the mighty Praetor.Fenix.

October -
The seductive Phantom.Vega will start sneaking around soon. More ghosts just in time for Halloween!

November - A cosmic horror the likes of which the forest of the Imperial Sanctums has never seen; Overlord.Azathoth descends this November.


In addition to the above for this season, Blue Gene will finally evolve into its true form and will gradually introduce a "Perfect Evolution" for every hero in Aeon of Storms.

Thanks for the read, and looking forward to another season together! 


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Hey Mother! Congratulations and thanks for the updates, it all sounds very exciting. 

Thank you in general for all the work you do to make AoS what is. I'm reckon I'm not the only one who would feel a massive hole if AoS disappeared from our lives. 


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