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As of 2.45 Beta:

All on-hit effects except Explosive Retrofit are proc'd by clones but there are some specific conditions to those.

If the on-hit effect deals bonus damage and the damage came from the clones themselves, then the damage reduction (-80%) is applied (e.g. Cerebro, Pyre, Scimitar, Darwin's Might etc).

All crits proc on clones but are reduced by their innate damage reduction.

If the on-hit effect counts as an attack (like Chain Lightning Unique's "every 4th attack..." condition) then the clones will add to that counter on your behalf.

If the on-hit effects adds a stack to you, they won't get added to Vorazun herself (Cauterizer) but they will get added to the clone. Except Sliptide, it will add the buff stack to Vorazun herself.

If the on-hit effect places a debuff like Force of Entropy or Time Splitter, the clones will apply it.

If the on-hit effect gives lifesteal, then Vorazun can gain that health herself after damage reductions. 

If the on-hit effect leeches Energy (Psionic Lasher, Sliptide), the clones will not leech energy on your behalf.

If the on-hit effect burns energy (e.g. Psycho Crusher) then it will burn less energy and deal less damage from clones.

If the on-hit effect is a powerstrike or an active such as Shinobi Style, Energy Saber, or Time Splitter, the clones will not apply them on your behalf.

I hope I didn't leave anything out.


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