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Changelog v2.38-2.44

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- Added Rob.Boswell

- Added 'Day and Night Cycle'


The 'Day and Night Cycle' (or Time of Day) is a new and developing gameplay element with many unique interactions planned out for the future.

The first 'day' in AoS starts at the 3:00 Minute Mark (Game Time), and each cycle from then on lasts 10 minutes - Divided equally between daytime and nighttime (5 Minutes Game Time each). The arrival of each day and each night is signaled by a global audio cue (Birds Chirping/Rooster's Crow or Wolf Howl respectively), and a change in the map's lighting.

The (re)introduction of this mechanic to AoS imposes a revision to the way the Sight stat is expressed in the following ways for now:

- All Heroes had their base Sight radius during the Day increased to 16u from 12u. At Night, their Sight is reduced by 8u radius. Exceptions to this rule are noted in the Heroes section below.

- All Heroic Creeps had their Sight reduced to 8.5u radius during Day and Night. Exceptions to this rule are: Marine King' Bribed Units, Queen' Tyrant Ultralisk, Nemesis' Oblivion Construct, Tass Astral Projection, and Jim Raynor's Raiders.

- All Lane Towers had their Sight radius during the Day increased to 16u from 10.5u. At Night, their Sight is reduced by 7u. (Note: Tower Truesight unaffected by nighttime.)

- All Lane Creeps had their Sight reduced to 8.5u radius during Day and Night from 10u.

- Heroes are less likely to draw aggro from nearby Neutral Creeps at Night (except from the Neutral Creep(s) they are currently attacking).


Help (F12)

- Updated.

- Added 'Patch Notes' section. (Note: Includes only notes from the most recent Patch Cycle).



- New Loading Screen.

- Various bug fixes (v2.43-44).



- Reduced the size of both Cliff islands across from the Map Bosses.

- 'Cleaned up' Daggoth's Pit area.

- Added ground vision blockers to both Map Boss pits, preventing players from seeing into and out of those areas.

- Most Ward Spots have been made more visible and obvious than before.

- Misc. doodad updates.



Hydranium Crystals

- Initial team Mineral and XP bonus increased to 50 from 35.

- Team Mineral and XP bonus now increases by 8 every 60 seconds from 3 and 2 every 12 seconds.


Neutral Creeps


- Neutral Creep camp's Damage Resistance increased to 30% from 25%.


Imperial Cyclones

- XP reward reduced from 30 to 15.


Map Bosses

- Daggoth (Greater and Ancient) now drops the 'Daggoth's Heart' pick-up upon death. Daggoth's Heart instantly heals a single user for up to 1500 Health and 750 Energy (based on Missing Health), and increases the effectiveness of Daggoth's 'Buff' (excluding Respawn Reduction) by +50% on them for its duration. Expires with Daggoth's 'Buff'.

- Daggoth's 'Buff' (All Forms) duration increased to 4:30 minutes from 4:00 minutes.

- Daggoth (Greater and Ancient) Base Health reduced by 2500.

- Daggoth (All Forms) Damage Resistance increased to 65% from 45%.

- Daggoth (All Forms) and Aeon Health Regeneration Delay after taking Damage increased to 30 seconds from 20 and 15 respectively.

- Updated Daggoth and Aeon's minimap icons.

- Aeon Damage Resistance increased to 55% from 45%.

- Brax.Monolith now deals 10 True Damage per missile from 15.

- Brax.Monolith now drops health/energy pickup upon death (Fix).


Primary Creeps

Super Creeps

- Zerg Ultralisk has been replaced by new 'Zerg Incubus' (Note: Functionally they are identical).

- Zerg Ultrahost renamed to 'Zerg Brooder'; Updated model.

- Ranged Super Creeps now have 4.5u Range from 4.



Imperial Sanctums

- Updated model (Protoss).

- Global Bounty reduced to 200 from 250. 

- Added Local Bounty of 100 for Last Hitter.



- T1 and T2 towers now have 4000 Health from 3600 and 3800 respectively.




- The fundamental Energy item component Sapphire Mox now grants 150 Energy from 200. As a result, all of the following items now grant 25-100 less Energy than before: Adamantium Alloy, Energy Saber, Flare Gun, Impact Dial, Khalis Relic, Kinetic Cell, Mossberg's Taser, Ocelot's Revolver, and Space Battery.


C-48 Gauss Cannon

- Unique Armor Penetration reduced to 12% from 15%.



-  Added rangefinder for Radar radius visible to you and your allies.



-  Cast range reduced to 60u from 100u.


Hunter's Hatchet

-  Can now target and destroy Nemesis' Oblivion Construct.



-  Price reduced to 100 from 120.


Radar Kit

- Now also jams Enemy Radar, rendering the user invisible to it.


Shard of Ruin

- Unique Armor Penetration reduced to 7% from 10%.


Space Gem

- Cooldown reduced to 90 from 160.

- Price reduced to 50 from 60.


Sunflare Gun

-  Active energy cost increased to 110 (+11% Max Energy) from 100 (+10% Max Energy).



- 'EKCO' active duration reduced to 7 seconds from 8 seconds.

- 'Divination' Unique removed from game.

- Price increased to 4650 from 4500.


Time Gem

-  Time Gem now keeps its consume effect even after death (Fix).


Truesight Wards

-  Added rangefinder for Detection radius visible to you and your allies.


Wrathian Violator

-  Unique Attack Range bonus increased to 1.65 from 1.5.

- Unique Armor Penetration reduced to 17% from 20%.


Xenomorph Cleaver

- Unique Base Armor Penetration reduced to 12% from 15%.

- Unique Stacking Armor Penetration reduced to 4 stacks from 5.




- Listed Hero Roles have been expanded in the Hero Selection menu (Note: For a breakdown of the definitions, please see section 2.1 in the Help Menu)



R - Block duration increased to 3.5 seconds from 2.5.

- Cooldown set to 70 from 110/90/70.

- Updated visuals (Note: Less obvious that it is active than before, but auditory cue still easy to identify.)



Q, W, E - Cooldown rescaled to 15/14/13/12 from 14.



Q  - Physical Damage rescaled to 30/60/90/120 (+60% Weapon Damage) from 40/70/100/130 (+70%).

- Energy cost increased to 50/55/60/65 from 30/40/50/60.



- Updated 'Alt1' Skin.



HP - Updated icons and mini-icons to help players more easily and quickly identify which Burning Blade mode is currently active.



W - Scaling Spell Damage changed to +6% Target Current Health from +5% Current Health.

W (Evolved) - Now steals 4 Agility, Strength, and Intelligence from 5, and gains them as 12 Strength instead of 5 Agility, Strength, and Intelligence. Non-refreshing.



HP - No longer provides Radar vision over enemy structures, - Only units. (Note: All Consumable Wards, Jakk's Mines, Queen's Creep Tumors, Nemesis' Oblivion Construct, Grunty's Swamp Trap, TBone's Brownstone Totem, and Garamond' Turrets are classified as structures by the game.)



Q - Cast range increased to 7 from 6.

W - Shields Duration increased to 6 from 4.

- Shields now last their full duration (Fix).

- Cooldown rescaled to 20/18/16/14 from 22/20/18/16.

- Cast range increased to 7 from 6.

E - Cooldown rescaled to 22/20/18/16 from 25/22/19/16.

- AoE increased to 4.5u from 4.

- Cast range increased to 7 from 6.

- Cursor display matches the AoE in the tooltip (Fix).

R - Cooldown set to 50 from 60/55/50.



- Added 'Alt1' Skin.



- Updated Skins (Alt1 and Alt2)

HP -  The rangefinder radius is no longer visible to enemies.



HP - Weapon Speed bonus from Creep Kills increased to 10% from 6%.

- Stack duration reduced to 10s from 15s.

- Max stack count reduced to 3 from 5.

E - Bonus Physical Damage increased to 40/60/80/100 (+120% Weapon Damage) from 25/50/75/100 (+50% Weapon Damage).



W -  While active, Mandrake's base sight range (16u) cannot be decreased by most vision debuffs (Note: Includes Nighttime).



Q -  Projectile travel time increased to 1.75s from 1.6s.

- Energy cost rescaled to 70/100/130/160 from 75/100/125/150.

W - Energy Drain intervals increased to every 0.5s from 1s (Total energy drained unchanged).

- Initial cast range reduced to 7 from 8 (Note: Leash Range unchanged).

- Max channel time reduced to 7 seconds from 10.

E - Oblivion Construct Movement Speed reduced to 2 from 2.5.

- Oblivion Aura AoE reduced to 14u from 16u.

- Oblivion Construct Health reduced to 500 from 750.

- Oblivion Construct is now classified as a 'Structure' by the game. (Note: This changes a few damage interactions with the unit, most relevant being Hunter's Hatchet' active.) 



E - Creep AoE increased to 12u radius from 10u.



HP - Sight bonus reduced to +25% from +40% (Note: Sight range is still more than before at 20u from 17u).

- Rancor does not experience reduced Sight during nighttime.



HP (Occlusion; Remake) - Shadow's Sight Radius during daytime is reduced to 8. At Night however, Shadow's Sight radius increases to 16u. Additionally, Shadow during nighttime is invisible to Enemy Radar, becomes Transparent making him difficult to see, and gains +15% Movement Speed.

Q - Now deals Bonus Physical Damage during nighttime as well.

- Bonus Physical Damage reduced to +40% from +50%.



- Base Movement Speed reduced to 2.9 from 3.

R - Added 0.5s cast time.



HP  - Astral Projection Timed Life increased to 45 seconds from 40.

- Astral Projection' Base Bounty reduced from 96 to 72.



HP - Now grants +10 Armor while burrowed.



E - Cooldown increased to 8 from 5.

- Energy cost increased to 35 from 30.

R - Energy cost set to 200 from 150/200/250.



- Base Movement Speed reduced to 2.825 from 2.9.

Q - Energy cost rescaled to 100/120/140/160 from 70/60/110/130.



HP  - Armor Penetration bonus against 'Isolated' targets reduced to 15% from 25%.

- Fixed bug that was causing Shadow Clones to stop retaining many passive stats and bonuses from items. 

- Damage reduction on Shadow Clones increased to 80% from 66%; Now also applies more consistently across all outgoing damage instances (i.e. Crits).

W - Energy cost increased to 75 from 50.

E - Duration set to 1.5s from 1/1.5/2/2.5s.


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