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[Database] Rob.Boswell

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Type: - Initiator / Tank / Support


Starting Stats:

Starting Health  603

Movement Speed – 2.8

Attack Range – 4.75

Attack Speed – 1.95

Starting Damage – 53

Base Armor.Resist  14.2% [15]

Base Spell Armor/Resist – 18.5%

Strength – 38 + [8]***

Agility – 24 + [2]

Intelligence – 28 + [5]




[Heroic] - [Steel Bulwark] Passive

Boswell takes Reduced Basic Attack Damage from Ranged Enemy Heroes.


Damage Reduction: -50%




[Q] - [Grappling Line] Target Point

Boswell fires a grappling hook at a target point and pulls himself towards it, dealing Spell Damage and Knocking-Up enemies he collides with along the way.

The Cooldown is Reduced byseconds per Enemy Hero hit.


Spell Damage: 40 / 80 / 120 / 160 (+80% STR)

Knock-Up Duration: 0.5s

Energy Cost: - 80 / 100 / 120 / 140

Cooldown: 22 seconds

Range: 6u / 9u / 12u / 15u




[W] - [Meteor Smasher] Target Point; 8u AoE

Boswell fires a rocket towards a target point that explodes upon Reactivation, Revealing the impact area. Enemies struck are dealt Spell Damage and are marked, also Revealing them for a Duration.


Spell Damage: 90 / 120 / 150 / 180 (+60% INT)

Area Reveal Duration: 5s

Enemy Reveal Duration: 6s / 12s / 18s / 24s

Energy Cost: 60 / 80 / 100 / 120

Cooldown: - 18 seconds

Range: Global




[E] - [Static Generator] Activate; 6u AoE

 Boswell sets up an Invulnerable device at his current location for a Duration. The Static Generator pulses every 2 seconds, dealing Spell Damage and Stunning enemies in the area with each pulse.


Spell Damage per Pulse: 25 / 40 / 55 / 70 (+30% INT)

Stun Duration per Pulse: 0.25s / 0.4s / 0.55s / 0.7s

Duration: 8s

Energy Cost: 100 / 120 / 140 / 160

Cooldown: - 28 seconds




[R] - [Critical Response System] Passive; 6u AoE

On taking Fatal Damage, Boswell enters a protective Stasis for seconds. During this time, Boswell is Invulnerable and Heals. Enemies around Boswell at the start of the effect are also severely Slowed for a Duration.

If the ability is on Cooldown and/or Boswell has insufficient Energy, Critical Response System will not activate!


Health Regenerated: 50% / 60% / 70% (Max Health)

Slow: 75%

Slow Duration: 5s

Energy Cost: 33% Max Energy

Cooldown: 360s / 270s / 180s

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7 minutes ago, Head said:

reminds me of clockwerk



And a little bit of Timbersaw and a dash of Wraith King for good measure. 

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Currently playtesting, will edit for every bug i find




If you use e along a wall and then q onto it, you will be able to walk on the wall (any wall) as well as go through it

Q disjoints projectile; does not take turret dmg while flying on q, so probably any projectile dmg is negated, cannot be targeted while flying on q (this stuff not really a problem)

Edited by Head

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Try this -

Skill build -

W, E, Q, Q, Q, R, Q, W, W, W, R, E, E, E, R

Item Build - 

1- Eternal Drive/Omniscience (Choose 1)

2- Atom Smasher

3- Nitrogen Retrofit

4- Kura's Death Mask

5- Adamantium Alloy/Hive Symbiosis (Choose 1)

6- Chilling Artifact/Korhal Vanguard/DST/Spell Buffer/Electric Mantle (Choose 1)

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