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Changelog v2.33-2.37

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Added Viler.Nemesis.

- Attempted fix for a rare bug that causes players to suddenly stop dealing damage.

- Attempted fix for a bug causing towers and/or creeps to unintentionally aggro enemy heroes due to passive abilities (e.g. Avenger, Erekul).

- Improved minimap coloring (Note: You can now more clearly differentiate between lanes, cliffs, and other parts of the map.).



- All Heroic Creeps (aka summons) have been added to Control Group 2 exclusively. Summoned units from Items (Eye of Amon and Sentinel's Safeguard) have been added exclusively to Control Group 3 (Note: The exception is Gabriel.Tosh and EnTaro.Tassadar. Control Group 3 for these heroes will still control both their summons and themselves simultaneously, so be aware of this when purchasing the items mentioned.).


Help (F12)

- Updated.

- Added "Quick Guide" section. (Credit to Muto and bebop for providing the blueprint for this, wherever they are)



- New Loading Screen.



- 'Cleaned up' Protoss and Zerg Base areas.

- Added 'Aeon Pub' (!).





Neutral Creeps

- Daggoth (All Forms) attack speed reduced to 2.5 from 2.

- Daggoth (All Forms) attack damage now deals bonus physical damage equal to 2.5% Target Max Health from 3% Target Current Health.




- T1/T2/T3 Physical Damage Armor Penetration increased to 50/65/80% from 40/55/70%.



Hand of Mengsk

- Unique Time Scale bonus reduced to 5% from 7%.


Hunter's Hatchet

- Hunt 1 Unique no longer applies to Map Bosses.


Hunter's Knife

- Hunt 2 Unique no longer applies to Map Bosses



- Active now has 2 charges.

- Active cooldown increased to 160 from 140.


Sliptide Scythe

- Unique Time Scale bonus reduced to 1.5% per stack from 2%


Soul Engine

- Removed from Side Shop. 



- Unique Removed.

- Price reduced to 1200 from 1850.


Syrus Codex

- Base XP bonus increased to 400 from 350.


Time Gem

- Consume effect now only grants 4% Time Scale from +5% Time Scale, +10% Weapon Speed, and +10% Cooldown Reduction.

- Consume effect is now permanent from 8 minutes. Non-stacking.

- Price increased to 950 from 750.

- Time Gem now also a component of Yamato Reactor and Parallax Generator.



- Updated Hero Selection portraits for Artanis, Erekul, Khyrak, Mandrake, Nova, Penthos, Shadow, and Viron.



E - Now goes on cooldown only after the Field of Light expires.



W - Base Heal amount decreased to 75/150/225/300 from 100/175/250/325.

- Now goes on cooldown only after the Adrenaline Rush buff expires.



- Updated sounds (Death).



HP - Hero Kills now increase the damage of W and R by 5 each from 10 each.



- Added '-alt' skin.

Q - Current Health Cost increased to 20% from 15%.

W - Energy Cost rescaled to 30/45/60/75 from 30/40/50/60.

R - Current Health Cost increased to 30% from 20%



E - Heal AoE increased to 3.5u from 3.



HP - Max stacks increased to 120 INT from 100.

- Stack duration increased to 240 from 180.

Q - Now deals damage accordingly (Fix).



HP - Bonus damage now applies only to enemy heroes (Fix).

- Scaling Physical Damage reduced to 8% Target Missing Health from 10%.



- Added custom 2D portrait.



Q - Will no longer go on cooldown if used without a 'Scoped' target nearby.



- Updated '-alt2' skin.



- Updated sounds (VA and AA).



W - Spectre scaling Health increased to 25*LVL from 20*LVL.

E - Energy cost set to 80 from 60/80/100/120.



E, R - Energy leech reduced to 20% of Damage Dealt from 25%. 

- Energy leech now has no effect on Debuff Immune targets (Fix).



E (Passive) - Cooldown rescaled to 24/21/18/15 from 24/20/16/12.

R - Energy cost rescaled to 150/175/200 from 150/200/250.

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