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Jackson.Roullette - Silence woman.

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Suh duds. 

Some say Roullette is weak post nerfs, some say he is still strong. I personally think he is very good right now, regardless of whichever build people use. INT is still viable, but also a hybrid aura tank is pretty decent. 

I think his laning is decent, he has good zoning with his E and decent burst with his Q follow up. However, his ability to kill the other laners diminishes quickly once he hits level 6. He is required to get ahead early in order to get out a fast dial or shard, so when losing the lane jackson becomes a fairly big liability.

His E, 4.5 radius silence tether. Breaks at 4.5 radius stunning enemies for 1 second. 

His ultimate. 4.5 radius, with a 1 second cast time animation. 

The way i imagined this to work was that, He tethers and enemy, and can charge his ult immediately, therefore the moment they break the tether they are 4.5 units away from him and are therefore hit by his ult. Apparently this is not the case.

When against heroes such as Jakk or Leo, they are so quick that when they break the tether they are over 4.5 units away from jackson by maybe 0.1 or 0.2 units and so are not caught by his ultimate.

I propose the tether break should stun them exactly 4.5 units away from him.

This should allow jackson players to have more versatility in his kit, allowing him to be less reliant on a warp shard or a dial to have impact on a game. a fight breaks out, and he can still catch an enemy if they step within 4.5 units of him and he gets a tether off, then he can instantly follow it up with an ultimate. 

I understand MOTHER said this might push him over the edge, but i think it just allows him to choose his build path differently without the need to rush an early dial or warp, but instead build into them 2nd or 3rd item. I think right now a jackson that is  behind in his lane and without a dial or warpshard built is complete trash and just a liability as there is no consistent way to use his ultimate. Whereas now he would be able to get a goggles maybe an early SHM or a cheeky Dial and skip the shard altogether. Not be forced to have Shard in every game. Shard is awesome, dont get me wrong, but it feels like he is forced to buy it to ever get an ultimate off.


Lemme know thoughts for this change and whether its needed, too powerful. What else could be changed. As i already said, maybe reducing the radius of his tether gra


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I don't think this hero need any kind of buffs- whoever said Roulette is weak needs to explain themselves. 

In most cases you'll be able to warp in - ulti and then silence everyone. Rarely do people react quick enough to stun you, and to be fair not a lot of heroes have an instant stun to do so.

Even if you suggested buff gets implemented people will still rush warp shard - Said buff will just allow you to catch people even easier using that item. Not going with that item severely reduces your chances to pull of a enemy team ultimate hitting 3+ people.

That being said giving him further utility will make a big positive impact on a hero that is already very strong and viable in just about any team comp there is, and with that in mind I'll say no unless there's an appropriate nerf to trade for it.


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As mentioned over PM, Jackson’s full combo goes something like Shard > R > E > Q. It’s one of the most powerful combos in the game and situationally can change the tide of battle.

What you are proposing is to open up a new easier combo path: E > R > Q

The argument that Jackson should not be item dependent by level 6 isn’t one I personally agree with mainly because I think only supports should be this item independent this early in the game.

Jackson isn’t really a support, but an initiator who can be become tanky by virtue of building INT due to his heroic.

The combo path you want (ERQ) is actually still possible in the game right now if you max W (which was finetuned a patch or two ago) and throw in an aoe slow in the mix such as Chilling Active.

Lastly, Jackson is at his most powerful with his team ready to follow up on his initiation. If you don’t want to build shard on him for example but you want to pull off his combo early on, then pair him with heroes that have aoe stuns or slows.

Also do you really want to lower the skill ceiling on a strong hero like Jackson? Learning how to pull off his combos and then actually succeeding in doing them against the enemy team should be a rewarding experience, partly due to the risk and difficulty involved.

Like Fish said, if this were to be explored and implemented, there would have to be a trade of some sort.

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