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Changelog v2.19

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- ‘Alt2’ command minimum rating condition decreased from 1300 to 800.

- For your action, whenever any player teleports using Transport or Space Gem, you and your team are alerted with a 'ping' on the minimap to their location. The Minimap 'Ping' is blue and last 2 seconds if they are allied, and it is red and lasts 1 second if they are enemies.



- Retextured lanes.

- Retextured river.

- Recreated waterfall area adjacent to Levi.








- Cyclones now give 30 XP from 15.

- Vultures now give 75 XP from 65.

- Hellions now give 90 XP from 75.

- Siege Tanks now give 115 XP from 100.

- Thor gives 140 XP from 125.

- Brax gives 165 XP from 150.

(Note: When we increased the spawn time for creeps in 2.13, this indirectly caused Laners to receive an influx of XP as there were more creep waves coming in faster. These adjustments to the jungle XP are an attempted response to this change as to allow Junglers to keep up with Laners’ experience levels.)



- Bloodthirst now gives 4% Lifesteal and 4% Spell Leech instead of 6% Lifesteal.

- Zeal now grants 0.15 MS and 40% Debuff Time Reduction for 3 seconds whenever you damage an enemy hero instead of 0.15 MS and 1.5 Health and Energy Regen for 3s.



C-48 Gauss Cannon (3300; RESTORED!)

Components: Shard of Ruin, Graviton Booster X2

+0.15 Movement Speed

+30% Weapon Speed

[Unique - Shard of Ruin 2] +15% Armor Penetration.

[Active - Magnetic Shift] For the next 3.5 seconds, gain +66% Evasion, +6% Movement Speed, Slow Immunity, and have No Unit Collision. 25 second cooldown.



- Active cooldown increased to 140s from 100.

- Added 'Omen Unique'; You gain +2 Sight radius if you have not taken damage in the last 8 seconds.


Scavenger's Veil

- 'Resourcefulness Unique' now refunds 33% of the cost of consumables from 40%.


Shard of Ruin

- Armor Penetration stat reduced to 10% from 15%. 

- Stat is now ’Shard of Ruin 1 Unique'.


Sunflare Gun

- 'Sun Burn' Active Spell Resistance Reduction debuff decreased from 20% to 15%.


Tyde Pods

- Now can be used on Allied Structures.

- Charges reduced to 2 from 3.

- Price increased to 140 from 110.


Xenomorph Cleaver

- Armor Penetration stat is now 'Shard of Ruin 2 Unique'. Overrides 'Shard of Ruin 1 Unique'.


Yamato Reactor

- Active now lasts 7 seconds from 8.




- Added 'Alt2' skin.

Q - If an enemy hero is hit, grants 20/30/40/50% Evasion for 4s instead of 15/25/35/45 Armor and Spell Armor for 3s.

- Energy cost rescaled to 40/65/90/115 from 60/85/110/135.

R - Cooldown rescaled to 90/75/60s from 100/80/60s.



Q, E - Updated sound and visuals.



W - Spell damage rescaled to 40/80/120/160 (+50% INT) from 50/80/110/140 (+65% INT)

E - Spell Damage Amplification per pulse rescaled to 5/7.5/10/12.5% from 12.5%; Max Spell Damage Amplification rescaled to 20/30/40/50% from 50%.



E - Fix: Turret Laser Beam autoattack now visible again.



E - Spell Damage Scaling reduced to 25% INT from 50%.

R - Energy cost rescaled to 180/120/60 from 150/100/50.



Q - Scaling Physical Damage increased to (+65% Weapon Damage) and (+65% INT) from +50% each.

- Cooldown rescaled to 14/12/10/8s from 13/12/11/10s.

- Energy cost rescaled to 50/70/90/110 from 50/75/100/125.

E - Now also deals its Physical Damage in a 3u radius area around the target instead of only target.

- Scaling Physical Damage decreased to (35% Weapon Damage) from (+75% Weapon Damage).

- Stack count for bonus damage reduced to 3 from 4.

R - Updated sound and visuals.



R - Updated sound and visuals.



- Added 'Alt2' skin.



- Added 'Alt2' skin.

R - Cast range rescaled to 26/34/42u from 40u.



HP - RnT Stacks now last 3s from 4.

W - Cooldown rescaled to 22/20/18/16s from 18/16/14/12s.

- Energy cost set to 100 from 70/80/90/100.

R - Heal reduced to 100/150/200% Damage Mitigated (50/75/100% if reactivated early) from 150/300/450% Damage Mitigated (75/150/225% if reactivated early).

- Secondary Armor and Spell Armor bonus that lasts up to 6 seconds increased to 50 from 40 (Initial 2 second bonus still 100).

- Cooldown rescaled to 110/90/70s from 100s.

- Energy cost set to 150/200/250 from 150/225/300.



E - Cooldown rescaled to 16s from 18/16/14/12s.

- Armor and Spell Armor Buff duration increased to 6s from 5s.

- Heal effect reworked; Sacrifices 20% Current Health, converting a percentage of the amount sacrificed into Health for the target, up to 800 Health. Current Health Converted: 55/70/85/100%.

(Note: Effectively,  this means Precious Fluids now costs 20% Current Health at all levels from 15/17.5/20/22.5%, and heals Target's for 11/14/17/20% Current Health from 15/17.5/20/22.5%.)

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Don't hate on it until you try it.


"Warning: May cause discoloration of the urine or feces."

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