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Change Talents

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Current talents are not what they should be. Wouldn't it be better if talents were, "This would be fun to have", rather than, "I must take this or I'll be behind". Starting from tier three to first and offense to utility.

All the tier three's are fine.

Tier two of offense is fine except veteran (personal preference). Veteran could be the old demigod so that it will be easier to last hit or for great harassment of the enemy (can make it like some items where if your melee you get double effect). Tier two defense is fine, but undying seems suicidal to take. Better to make it give both life-steals with increasing benefits as you get lower on health? Tier two utility is fine, but wealth is a total waste. Instead make it just like Overlord, but give armor (like your wealth allows minions to have more armor like in medieval times).

Finally, tier ones, the worst of the bunch. For offense, might could be a slight push for every auto attack in the direction the hero is facing (would like it to scale with strength, but might be too op), cunning could be for every skill-shot a hero lands on another hero gets increased damage to their abilities (loses all stacks with a miss or an ability that isn't skill-shot, trade off, all skill-shots have thinner hit-boxes), blood-thirst could be increased movement speed when looking at a low health hero, but loses speed when looking away (could swap with zeal), and fury can still be gain attack speed (but gain stacks just like cunning and loses stack when not attacking the same target, doesn't have to be a hero target). For defense, fitness could be you gain out of combat movement speed (loses it when you hit or get hit), discipline could be that you gain health and energy for every last hit you get (must not have hit the creep ever even with an ability), vigor could be you gain timescale above a certain health, and integrity could be that you gain a buff if your allies are alive in an area so it doesn't affect you across the map (but a debuff if even one dies). And for utility, prodigy could be the first ability you level up get a small buff, brilliance could be a +1 energy per second aura (stack with itself, so +5 for the entire team clumped up), swiftness could be if you double click the same spot twice then you dash that direction (don't know if this is possible, if not give debuff time reduction), and youth could be you gain movement speed but lose health.

Would love feedback! :D

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