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O.P. Comeback featuring Virgil (also toxic escher)

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Duration: 1:26:04

Timeline: 15:30 OP Miscalculation (Mid), 44:00 escher trying to be a pedophile, 45:00 Turning point, 51:09 escher being a dumbass (mostly an ass) with round two of pedophilia (Top), 59:30 Zerg bait into overextend by Protoss (Bot), 1:02:45 DGreat distraction until team resurrection (Mid), 1:17:00 Lose of main Zerg carry (Jackson), 1:17:35 Zerg near team wipe into the beginning of the end of Protoss, 1:18:40 Virgil senses tingling, 1:19:10 M-M-Monster Kill and Yadra steal for Virgil, 1:21:55 Stolen L-L-Ludicrous Kill ;( and end of game, 1:23:07 DANCE WITH ME!!!

Brief Summary of Match: Horrible uphill struggle for Zerg, followed by mid game turn around, steal of Yadra and team wipe of Protoss, into win. Special mention for escher pulling down his team and being generally toxic.

Replay Link: attached to post.

Aeon of Storms (1253).SC2Replay

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