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Its Me..... ow!

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Hi BlackCat here. Back to playing since a few months ago after a 4 year lay off.... So you can say I have quite the natural talent when you see me single-handedly carry my team game after game.

I'm usually on at weird times of the day due to the time difference and I'm usually pretty intoxicated while playing (so I like to enjoy a drink or ten after working 3 different jobs, sue me) which makes me quite chatty about life and non-AOS stuff in lobby and during play. Feel free to tell me to STFU. Also sorry if I'm mean to newbies at times but sometimes I wanna have a good game after waiting 2 hrs for one to start. 

Also my crappy computer has a tendency to crash at the most intense and climactic battles so please know its not me RQing under any circumstances and that the annoyance you might feel is 10000000x more on my end. If any of you reading are millionaires then please feel to sponsor a new AOS-only computer for me. 

See you in game! 


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Welcome back Blackcat.

If you want to have good or great games even and don't mind the wait, I recommend playing inhouse with us.  We usually start playing 8-9 pm GMT onwards for few hours on weekdays. Weekends is more random except Sundays I noticed, as more people tend to be online then generally. 

See you in the FORESTS. :D

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